The qualities that all goddesses have

Which (internal) qualities and traits do you think that all goddesses possess? What do all goddesses have in common that makes them goddesses?

Like, I would say they’re (human and non-human) all high vibrational, they all accept who and what they are, etc.

Note, I’m really not referring to physical/appearance attributes/style/etc.

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Besides the title of goddess, there’s not really anything that ALL goddesses share (besides being goddesses).

Their all unique just like all people are Unique. They all associate with different things. Though share some things, currents.

So things they share are being goddesses and of course there will be many love goddesses/etc. However down to an individual level - their all unique.


The Pomba Gira guided me to research the qualities of a goddess, what makes a goddess a goddess. We are talking human as well as non-human beings. They told me to embody these qualities.

So that suggests to me there are certain qualities that all goddesses share, which makes them goddesses.

There is one thing I’ve noticed about all the goddesses I’ve interacted with: They embody the energies of the Divine Feminine current. One of them told me they’re an aspect of this current and that all goddesses are.


High vibrational just means faster vibrating, not more or less “divine”. High and lower just means different densities.

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Yes, that’s sort of true, but regarding humans who are in touch with their inner goddesses, I was referring to what Abraham Hicks teaches about vibration. Abraham is a group of teaching beings or group consciousness, which is a part of source energy.

So, goddesses vibrate at a higher frequency, but in human terms, to vibrate at a higher frequency of love, appreciation, enthusiasm, passion, optimism, contentment, etc just means that the human is vibrating at a frequency that brings them more in alignment with who they really are - without going into detail about all of that, keeping it simple. And when humans vibrate at a higher frequency and knowing who they really are, and when that higher vibrational frequency is their dominant frequency, they’re embodying the goddess within them. It’s slightly different for non-human goddesses, they are less dense than flesh and blood, so in that way - loosely speaking, they are vibrating at a different, less dense frequency in terms of their existence and the forms they take on.

I didn’t come here to debate vibration, I understand vibration well for my own purposes, I’ve been living and breathing that kind of thing for 4 and a half years daily and have always found the Abraham Hicks teachings to be accurate via the evidence that sprang from my own life experiences. I came here to gather some other points of view about what makes a goddess a goddess. :wink:

High vibration does NOT equal all that.

Vibration is closer to density. Not emotion.

The higher a being energetically vibrates does not stop that being from being negative. :slight_smile:

Think about water, gas, solid - then think about the atoms. That’s a good example.

Being born one, the race of Deities, Goddess is simply the female form of them.

As for titled Goddesses, depends, Lilith as a demon who is given the title Goddess by her followers follow her out of respect, out of a common “motherly feeling” they get from her, her willingness to help, and so forth, I assume it speaks the same for why a person would follow a born Goddess or a titled one.

However, high vibrations is far from love and what not, beings fight and slaughter each other who would be considered “high vibrations” but really it just means they are on a faster vibrational frequency then our own.

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Love goddesses are known for their beauty and supernatural seduction abilities

It’s fair to say that Goddesses are embodiments of Shakti, the female creative principle of the Universe. That is one thing they all share, but I’m not sure there is a lot else that links them together, the point being that the divine feminine likes to express herself in many different forms and shapes, as this delights her.

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You can have all the fluffy self-acceptance and feminine energy in the world :smiley: but if you cannot force your subjective will on the objective reality, you’re not a goddess.

The forces and beings we know today got written into the human story because they repeatedly delivered when prayed to. They had power and they used it.

One can be a crone, with no sexual allure, or destructive and the opposite of nurturing and other traditional feminine qualities, and still be a goddess, if you have power.


That they’re all goddesses.

Otherwise, what @Mind_Seeker20 said.

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Power is subjective and comes down to self.

However…change the word witch to Goddess!

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