The Qlippoth, Thaumiel, Satan, and Moloch

I like the expression “silent crown.” I think it reflects what was said about about kings and their connection to the greater unfolding of the Aeon.

There could be all kinds of overlap between entities. I tend to think of the subtle energetic world as something akin to the ecosystem. In the ocean there are fish that live inside the mouths of larger fish. There are vines that only grow with a certain type of tree. There could be symbiotic overlap between various aspects of one’s higher self and other entities one works with.

Boundaries, definitions, and identities can be quite mercurial outside an ordinary frame of reference.

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I have the theory that being Aiwass the Higher Self of Crowley and, as Asenath teaches, the Higher Self is the part of ourselves that is on the level of the entities, so when they speak to us they speak to our Higher Self, Aiwass received the chapters of the Book from a higher source that are the forces that rule the world in the present Aeon.

Despite the idea that most people have of demons being all LHP and “do what you want”, at some point of my training, Azazel educated me in the Thelemic tradition, but always taking Master Therion as example, as my local OTO body are a bunch of idiots. The other guy from my current also received a Thelemic education, but from Astaroth, who didn’t tell him that she was teaching him Thelema. When that guy and I read the Book of the Law, we realized that those demons, who were our masters, turned us into what the Book describes, and that what the Book says is what we have seen the demons doing along the years of study and practice, therefore, I really think that the demons are the ones who are ruling the world in this Aeon, as I see their will done everywhere

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My sense is that there are clusters of nonphysical intelligence directing the evolution of humanity in various ways. It seems to me that these entities will appear in the form that suits their purposes and speak in terms that will connect with whoever they are working with. It seems like a complex and dynamic level of reality, and it feels as though we only perceive intimations of it’s total nature from our limited vantage point.

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“My servants are few and secret” says Nuit, sometimes they are so secret that they themselves don’t know that they are her servants

Hi folks, I just thought I’d update this thread with links to the additional episodes I’ve created in my Qlippoth series.


Loving this… Thanks so much!!!

Thanks! Glad you like it!

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I watched the 1st part of the series when you released it. However i remember that i did’nt had the time to finish the video so i saved it for later until now.
Can i maybe get a little background on this series? Is this about the roots of each realm explained? Or the whole Qliphothic system in general?

It’s about the Qlippothic system viewed as a whole. The series looks at the Tree of Death from a number of different angles. For example, my analysis goes back and forth between a RHP perspective and a LHP perspective. The reason I do this is because I think a lot of important meaning comes to light when you look directly at the friction between the two. The series also goes back and forth between philosophical analysis and practical occultism. The first installment is more philosophical than practical, but it sets up the terms of my analytical style. The following videos in the series get more into reading the Qlippoth as a formula for LHP initiation.

Thanks for asking!

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Sometimes i just keep thinking about this but now i really wonder. What is the original so called “tree of life” or the sephirot really means? For what purpose it was created? What is it’s meaning?

In general is there any introduction book or something like that that will helo me understand the roots of this syatem? Or even nothing to do with this, roots about the LHP in general?

I recommend The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune. That book addresses the questions you raise very extensively.

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