The purpose/importance of necromancy

I have always been interested ever since I have heard of it, but I have never known what or why is it here for. Necromancy is speaking with the dead for a specific purpose but does it go deeper than that? I do still plan on taking a patchworking of necromancy disregarding what it is. Why even work with the dead if they are all so weak? Or does that even matter? Do you just do necromancy for little purposes like gaining insight, causing mischief, etc?


Hiya OP! Necromancy is only really useful when you access the cumulative versions of it, like ancestral magic and past life magic. Contracting shades is something a kid could do, because they are at best of human intelligence, but are mostly just ‘remains’; unless you find someone who set up a weird pattern with their death, most people are just fragments. There’s still a use for broken glass, but wouldn’t you rather own the manufacturing company than need to break a glass to get your tool? :slight_smile:

Asking a random dead bloke to support you is like handing out a petition in the street. You get a shard of its attention. Asking an/all your ancestors to support you is like yelling in a closed room, they’ll pay attention to and probably help because of the patterns manifested in your connection (the further you get in your ancestry, the less human the response is). Bringing your past lives to bear is just updating your energetic hard drive through connecting to other iterations of yourself.

It’s a big pool of possibilities, but isn’t written about much. The whole ‘necromancy is dead-divination’ thought is a blinder, and the ‘necromancy is paying the dead to assist you’ thing is just what the people stuck at the bottom of that tree circulate. You won’t find much to help you out with expanding this work! It’s a careful balance of mortality. :slight_smile:


Then what could help me expand my work on necromancy? The books written on it? Or just continuous practice and research on the subject, or maybe even both? There’s gonna be a point when I run out of resources to study the subject so I’m going to have to work with the spirits to learn more. Anyway, thank you that post helped a lot.


Hiya OP! Books on necromancy shouldn’t really be taken as more than ‘magical setting’; they provide context and a feeling of things but not really anything workable beyond the scope of the text itself. There isn’t a Bardon for necromancy, so what you really need is to observe your locality precisely- the concept of ‘you’ personally and as an identity is an observation, and by saturating it with the energy of death, you’re changing things you didn’t even know existed in the first place. So if you study how you react to death powers, you’ll understand what use they are to you. Ancient Egyptians had the most patterned way of dealing with death, so if you need a helping hand, I’d say start there. :slight_smile:


Oh ok, cool.


There are many views on Necromancy. I personally think of it as recognising and appreciating death as the great change or great leveller or the revealer of the insanity of attachment to the physical. Death that cares for nothing and noone. I like death. Death reveals its inevitability in any illusory experience on a “longer-term” and moment-by-moment basis. Death is highly desirable in the illusion of duality/finite existence.


For me in order to understand life, creation, and healing; you must understand death, destruction, and decay. Knowledge of one side will help cultivate knowledge of the opposite side and vice versa until mastery and understanding of both sides is achieved.


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@SITHISIT, thanks for posting this. I’m learning a lot. I’m kind of in a similar situation: I’ve heard about necromancy but don’t know what it’s really about or really like.


Also, while necromancy does have a heavier price the more deeply you go into it. There is also a reward, necrmancy is a gateway to ANY magickal system out there, if aplied in a appropiate manner. I can detest this personally because I´ve gone to currents of magick that I would not have other wise. You just gotta find the wormholes and you will be surfing the grid in no time.


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