The Pumpkin Club


So, my wife and I had to pull our baby from a daycare facility. Yes, it is called The Pumpkin Club (
Not only are the children being mistreated, but the owner’s a complete cunt. I am blown away at the shit they’re getting away with. The supervisor to child ratio is completely illegal at something close to 1:15 (in utah the law is 1:4 for kids my child’s age)
She came home with scrapes and bruises, her diaper was unchanged and filled with sand - which had been chafing her skin etc.
On her last day, I dropped our baby off and politely asked if they could feed her as that we had a strained morning and had to run out the door. I told her the oatmeal was in the bag. She says, "I’ll see what I can do."
what? wtf? Who says shit like that? I mean, my kid’s not even 2 years old. So I say, “Wait, what? She needs her breakfast.” and she says, “I’m really busy in the mornings, and we don’t have a lot of staff, I’ll see what I can do.” I nearly lost my shit and just stayed and fed her myself, but I thought I would call my wife first to see what she thought. She freaks the fuck out. So I go back to pick her up and pull her from the day care not more than an hour later. I show up, she had not been fed, her eyepatch was off (I gave her specific instructions that she needed her eyepatch on for 4 hours) and she started crying and ran to me when she saw me.
What the fuck is going on at that place?
So I filed an complaint with the state and haven’t heard back from them. I sent her an email telling her that I am expecting a refund of our money.
Get this - my wife got the number of one of the girls that works there, really nice little high school girl, and so she calls her to see what’s up with the refund. She’s like, “let me call the owner and I’ll let you know.” So she calls us back and says, "you guys, I’m really sorry, but she has no intention of giving you a refund, and she told me to stop talking to you."
However, the girl has some sense and told us, "I think she’s crazy - she does crazy shit and I think she’s wrong not giving you your refund."
And according to her, this happens A LOT.
Needless to say, we’re still in contact with the girl. She was the only one there that has any sense about her.
So, yes - this is my problem - and I plan on doing a little evocation on this one. However, I’m also reaching out for help.
There’s a shit ton of kids that are being treated poorly at that place.
I am so fucking mad at this bitch. Her name is, Christy Theobald Nester.
If this pisses you off, I urge you to do what you can as well.
My personal “wish” is that she lose her business, somehow get my money out of her fucked cunt hands, and make sure the children are re-located to safer centers.
Dude - they have a door with a keypad so only the parents can get in to keep predators out. Three times THREE FUCKING TIMES I went there and the door was wide open with kids hangin’ out (ages 1 - 6) with nobody around to watch them.
What in the fuck?
So - that’s that - if this pisses you off enough - please - feel free to join in. This isn’t just a personal vendetta, there are innocent kids - tons of them - that are in a very dangerous position.
My piece has been said.

p.s. - Let the record show, I did not imply any form of illegal actions against this woman.


Things should be well on their way to a great resolve. However, if any of you should feel a need to help - you are more than welcome.


But of course,

We’re together in this, so let’s kick that bitch.

Currently adding my two cents.


The more, the merrier I always say :wink: heh


Yes, this pisses me off! It brings back the memory of a childcare “mother” back in the days when my son was but 6 months old!

We found out that, once all the children where there, she spent the rest of the morning with her neighbor. When we told her this she replied: “oh no worries, I use a babyphone so if something would be wrong, I’ll hear it”.
We took our boy away from her right away.

So yes, I know the feeling. i’m in!


I feel compelled want to help. No children, but a little sister I would die for. I love children, makes me wanna take her place. Hate to see children mistreated.


Thank you guys. Not just for me, but for those kids too, especially the younger ones. Christ, I can’t believe the state just brushed my complaint off. Fuck them too.
But for now, focused on Christy. And yes, she’s the blond in the images on the front page. So - there’s some sympathetic sources for you guys :slight_smile:
This bitch is gonna hit rock bottom.


I might try doing something a bit different here. I want to try testing something out, ie, the effects of mind control. I think I will call upon kilton and several others to see if we can get her to turn herself in for her crimes. I’ve used Kilton once, to keep certain people from poking their noses where they don’t belong and so far things have been going well. But I would like to see if I can get some more dramatic results. Not sure when I’ll be able to get to this though, between the helping each other thread and something I’m going to be helping jillblack with, I kind of have alot on my plate with only limited time to do evocations. But I will get to it when I have some time. I would also request no one else use mind control on her for that purpose as I want to test my power without interference.


that’s really interesting. I would love to see that turn out. I think we can all agree on that.


Yeah the only issue with kilton is you gotta convey emotions to be transferred tot he target, I usually don’t feel guilty about alot of stuff and when I do its not all that strong. So it might come off a bit forced. Before it was easy as I just had to channel a feeling of obliviousness, sorta like staring at the tv and forgetting about everything. This might be trickier though.


Seems fun


Will do. I’ll submit another complaint and try calling them in a bit here.

btw, Love the quote. Epic. The spirits definitely know how to speak with eloquence.

Also - defectron’s going to be bummed. heh
I don’t know what ya did, but If it’s what I think it is … defectron, you might have to move fast now if you still want to carry out the experiment.


Suppose I could try it tomarow. I’ll have to shave off a bit of hair from somewhere because for some reason Kilton likes it when I burn some of my hair for him. But damn who did you guys call on her? Dratalon?

[quote=“DK The Mage, post:12, topic:399”]Will do. I’ll submit another complaint and try calling them in a bit here.

btw, Love the quote. Epic. The spirits definitely know how to speak with eloquence.

Also - defectron’s going to be bummed. heh
I don’t know what ya did, but If it’s what I think it is … defectron, you might have to move fast now if you still want to carry out the experiment.[/quote]


Unfortunately it looks like I might not be able to get to Kilton tomarow, I’m going to start trying to do that stuff I was doing for Jillblack tomarow. So I’ll most likely leave her to you guys, if she’s still around when I’m done with that other stuff I’ll give it a shot.


DK - yes, this story pisses me off and I would love to help. Pick your poison and I will deliver. Can you post a photo of her for a link? Why am I drooling over this? LOL


I appreciate that. Thank you. Do that which you see fit. I appreciate all help :slight_smile:


DK, I’ve sent you a pm :wink:


Thank you Bran :slight_smile:


Any updates on this?


Haven’t heard/seen anything yet. But when I do, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.