The Psychology and Energy Behind Love Magick

now i’ve been thinking about this topic and i have a couple of questions. maybe we could get a discussion behind it? how much do you have to change a person with love magick before they’re not the same person? let’s say you wanted a slave and stripped them of their whole mind, are they still the same person? why don’t we just create thoughtforms to be that person and make the thoughtform come alive? is it due to the person being a human and making up an energy that we as humans desire? i would assume some of his desire another human mate over a energy one. at one point would you say that if you stripped them of their mind that they wouldn’t be the same person? let’s say you only made them feel in lust with you, or you made them feel in love with you, or you simply made them your slave, would they change the more you change them and wouldn’t be the same person anymore? or even another option would be to master the art of love itself and the psychology behind it to be able to get anyone you want in that way, would that be considered the same thing as the spell, like you are still manipulating them emotionally doing what they wouldn’t normally do otherwise? i’m sorry, i know this is a each question. i just got curious thinking about this. i’m really just trying to understand why i desire to be with this person over anyone else. maybe it’s the power that i would feel over them?

I think the essence of people can’t be changed. If a guy is violent, lies regularly, has addictions, traumas, denial… I don’t think I can change any of that. Only they would be able to change their own personality.

I don’t think I can strip anyone of their whole mind. I can expose them, change their circumstances, change their “luck,” but not them.

I agree with your point though: why change somebody we allegedly “love” into a whole other person, if we could just go and get another person that’s more like what we want, right?

Most of the time, obsession is mistaken for love.

Tbh, what I learned from experience is that the key to targeted love magick is that something, some feeling, already has to be there for it to work. If someone feels absolutely no attraction or affection for the caster, it won’t work no matter how hard they try. If there’s something though, it can be magnified.

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Yes to that. I did the stupid thing of getting my insane and mundane ex back. He eventually went back to his abusive mother where she just controls him while he sulks.

Yeah, it isn’t love. I thought “well he is my sons dad”, but he wasn’t good for me or my son, but of course being in the relationship, I couldn’t see it. I learned lots of toxic relationship patterns before I ended up and stuck with him.


i feel like it’s situational or what you allow your mind to believe. some people can end up changing completely and fall in love with someone they’ve hated, i’ve heard stories

From my experience; some people change a little, some change a lot. But ultimately the longer the magick is in effect, the more it begins to mold them. Cast wisely.

There’s a thin line between love and infatuation/obsession.