The Prince of Darkness

I was stirred in myself in the evening whilst my human spectrum remained wholly unconscious and resting. For I do not like to mix myself with my human spectrum very often. Even as I type I feel chills, sweat, and burning at my own radiance.

For my human self had become aware whilst I journeyed though floorless darkness softly. I felt my human spectrum stir and even meet me in my form. I was somewhat disturbed at this, for I did not want my human self to behold that which I am about to speak of.

So I heard the faint cries of a young wanderer through darkness. For an odd thing happens where I am wholly physical and persistent, lights happen to drift through my realm. Though sometimes they are devoured or assailed, even changed to something ugly. It was my will to defend them and allow them to pass. They seemed pure and wholly of no threat. If anything, they were very brilliant and a tremendously wondrous spectacle.

As I approached the cries, I felt my human self marvel in curiosity. Then we became horrified, myself filled with expressionless wrath which began burning forth like unbound fire within me. For I saw a band of those whom I hate who claim to retain the powers and the knowledge but I loath them. They took forth mirrors and cast into the lights which wandered, maliciously twisting and inciting the lights which drifted seemingly unconsicous. They did not even steal the goodness and purity to feed upon but to distort. This fueled me with the rage of finality and utter severing. I meant to rend their souls.

When they noticed my approach, they were struck with awe. I heard then exclaim, “omg he is real!”. Then I saw each one all together slice their own throats open before the light which dimmed and seemed to have been wounded. The tiny fragile light flung itself towards me clinging to my dark lethal form and began to cry. In that moment, I felt some human emotion. For my human self was there with me also and I was comforted. Otherwise, I might have been lost in rage for my failure to rip their throats out myself, those who assailed the lights.

My loves, I shall defend thee and keep you safe from the profane. Wonder unconsciously throughout all the realms my wondrous one’s!!! You are watched over even whilst you dream. :slight_smile: