The pressence and the rapture

So I just tried to evoke Sastan,and like all my other evocation attempts I don’t feel a presence after opening the sigil.I also can’t seem to get myself into the rapture.I continue to drop further into meditation and call the command to come.I’m starting to wonder if I’m not opening the sigil correctly because the lines don’t flash,but the lines become bolder and I see a white aura kind of float off the lines.Not all at once but whatever part of the sigil I’m looking at but not all at once.By the time I’ve scanned the sigil it just depends on where I’m looking at.Also when Im just doing sigil majick I don’t receive any results.I pour my desire into the sigil by charginging the sigil with light from my index and middle finger,thinking of my goal,then releasing it.I’m starting to get really pissed off,and sometimes think that this is all bullshit.If EA or anyone could help I would appreciate it because I’m at my wits end.

IF nothing is working for you, why not book a consultation with E.A. …?

don’t try to push the results. be patient and just keep opening the sigil, it opens when you relax into it instead of trying to force it open.

when you see the lines get bolder and they start to get a blue tinge then you are moving into opening them up more. at that point i think you are rushing for a result.

don’t rush it, that’s how you push yourself out of tgs. instead keep breathing deeper, hold your gaze either in front of or behind the sigil, and keep your hand position in one place. breathe deeply and evenly.

it might take you a few minutes, maybe even up to 20 minutes. for some sigils, you may have to put them aside and come back to them, opening them a little bit at a time. but eventually you’ll see the flash. you just have to wait for it.

don’t push the water, let it flow on its own

The Fool has exlent advice.

One thing I want to ask is what kind of attitude do you go into your rituals with? If your going into it with an almost scientific or experimental approach I’ve never found that helpful. If the hairs on the back of your neck aren’t standing up and you don’t have that excitement at what your about to do your doing something wrong. In my experience I’ve found feeling this rush and excitement is more critical to my success in ritual than attaining and maintaining TG sync.

Remember this is magick, you should be excited and trying to push back any fear that arises inside, feel the energy in the room shift around you and trust your will shall be done.

Remember evocation is not easy, this takes time and patience, if your looking to start fresh with no experience and be evoking after a few weeks or months your bound to be disappointed. Practice the exercises in the courses and don’t move on until you’ve masters the one your working on. This takes time and dedication, magick is as much a labor of love as it is dedication. If your looking for a quick fix magick is not the answer.

From my experience it’s about relaxation and trusting yourself. When I worked with Sas’tan the first thing he told me was ‘Believe it to be so, and it will be so’.

Relax the eyes and BREATH, when the sigil starts to become 3d, just FOCUS on your BREATHING. Everything will start to fall into place after a short time. When there is nothing but breath, everything else occurs naturally.

If you’re still not getting it, try meditating for 15 minutes before attempting to open the Sigil. For instance, use E.A’s 3rd eye meditation with the Cloud of light to relax your senses.

If you have to ‘pretend’ in your ‘mind’ to visualize things at first, that’s fine, because imagination becomes reality.

Bottom line: As Sas’tan once advised me, avoid doubting yourself, believe it to be so, and it will be so.

edit – Link to E.A’s third eye mediation to practice

I always go into ritual expecting results never scientific,but once I light the incense and TRY to open the sigils I fall apart.I just tried to open the sigil’s of Lucifer and Astaroth but all they did was flash yellow.I even meditated using their names as a mantra,called out to them and told them what I wanted,but nothing happened.I’m also having trouble with structuring being that I can’t see in my mind what I want to see.It’s always something random,but if I hold the image long enough I’ll see it when I open my eyes.But I can’t do the thing from the ME Course where EA tells you to picture a lamp.
If it wasn’t for you guys and the rest of the forum posting results I would chalk this up to bullshit,but I’ll give your guy’s advice a shot.And I wish I had the money to speak with EA personally that’s why I asked for him to reply to this thread.I’m not trying to be an asshole I’m just frusterated,and am at a point where I need majickal intervention in my life because it’s starting to fall apart.

Thanks for taking the time to help guys

i know what you’re doing cos i’ve done it too and it never worked for me either. you are going into this thing with an attitude of impatience or needing a result. it’s like when you go into an elevator and you keep pushing the buttons. if you do that the elevator is more likely to get stuck. you have to do this thing step by step, one step at a time, take a little extra time for each step, and most importantly do it with an attitude of reverence and expectation. if you go into it with an attitude of come on hurry up, you will keep pushing yourself out of tgs and it won’t work for you the way it is supposed to.

check your breathing when you gaze the sigil. if you feel like you are breathing into your chest or forget to breathe, that is a sign of too much tension. one thing i have found helpful is to hold the palms of my hands on my lower back and breathe the air into my hands. it makes you breathe into your diaphragm that way and it gets the air right into the bottom of your lungs. do that for a good 10 minutes while gazing the sigil and it will get the air right into you and begin to relax your muscles for the proper state.

i’m having the same problem. i’ve been reading up on visualization a lot (what ea calls structuring is a form of visualization). in NLP visualization and structuring are done in two ways: one is from a memory, and the other is from the imagination. you have to have both in mind before you can structure them. when you visualize an object you have memorized, look up and to your left and try to see it there and if you can, hold it in your mind’s eye for 2 minutes or as long as you can. after you can hold the memory there, try to move your eyes over to top right and see if you can build the image there. i’ve been working on that for a week and now i can see simple things clearer after a week and sometimes can hold them in mind for up to 30 seconds.

it’s wierd. when i was younger i could see things with my eyes closed no problem but now i can’t.

don’t even get me started…

Just received a distress call on my bat phone(actually my HTC one)…

since Sastan was my very first entity I ever evoked successfully, including my pact with him, I might be able to help you out…hit me with a PM

Honestly? Stop trying to “feel” the spirit’s presence, and simply acknowledge they are there. Whenever I try to detect a spirit, I get frustrated. When I do my ritual and carry on like they are there, I find out that they are, in fact, there. In this case, believing is seeing.

Thanks for the insight blacklamb,never thought of it like that.I always issue a command and dismissal just in case,but so far no results.

S.V.E I sent you a message