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Greetings Nightcrawlers,

For those of us who have NOT heard any of Koetting’s radio programs, I urge you to listen to them. The questions are brutally honest, no punches held, and EA quite candid.

Reporting from my own listening experience, hearing Koetting “in the flesh” drastically ties in a lot of his experiences, writings, and thoughts/concepts/ideas. *Important point: whilst listening to the radio program, I too was able to reflect on my own path and doubts/success.

I’ve found this an invaluable tool because it has really helped me stay on track of what my Magickal commitments are…if this makes sense to anyone else. What I’m trying to say is, that the radio programs (which are free to all) is yet another resource for what an important part of any practitioners path…clarification.

Check it out if you haven’t!

Share your experience if you have already checked it out!


WOOPS…i meant "TRUTH FREQUENCY’ in the subject line :slight_smile:

Agreed. I’ve listened to everything I can find with EA being interviewed. This is a priceless tool for those who are walking this path!

I also find EA’s radio interviews highly informative and educating, listening to them is as beneficial as reading a book. I use to import them to my MP3 player and listen to each one of them several times while outdoors. They never get boring and I learn tons of new stuff every time.

I give a lot of credit for E.A. being able to reach the masses to Truth Frequency. When I first heard about E.A.'s works I couldn’t find them in print anywhere and most bookstores either hadn’t heard of him or showed little interest in carrying his available works. Truth Frequency have him a medium to talk and express his ideas to the public in an easily accessible format. I’ve listened to all the TFR interviews multiple times, struggled through the Mona Magick interviews (shitty audio quality and she NEVER shuts the fuck up!) and the Coast to Coast interviews as well. Personally I think TFR did the best job conducting interviews out of any I’ve heard.

I first listened to TFR when EA was first on with his discussion with Chris Everard, and I’ve been a big fan of the show ever since. Chris and Sheree are the best alternative radio hosts on the planet.

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