The Power of Healing- A miracle

Thank you Raphael. Short story, a family member was diagnosed with precancer in the esophagus about 3 weeks ago. In a frightened manner I called upon Raphael to help my sick relative. We performed a reiki together on her, and I was able to grab some of her hair. I placed her hair on the table next to a blue candle, some healing Crystal’s, and Arch Angel oil. Raphael came into my temple gloriously with angels wings as large as I had ever seen. I have called on Raphael before, but this was beyond what I could of imagined. His wings spanned across my temple in the form of a white eagle.

I performed the rite and threw the remnants into the ocean.

Today I have received a call that this family member somehow has a fully working esophagus and whatever precancer was present is now gone.

I know Angel’s are above recognitions and offerings, but I wanted to put a HUGE thank you out there to this beastly Arch Angel. Thank you for this. It means a lot!!


Hell fuckin yeah :metal:

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Congrats bro :metal:

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Hahaha :smiling_imp: So that means that you could create and give cancer to your enemies because you learned how to cure it !

Lol perhaps. Not sure and I hope I will never have the opportunity to find out lol

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Yup, he cured my father’s mental illness/ loss of memory, speech and cognition faculty overnight. But that was one intense ritual I did, don’t think can ever do something like that again!!!

And be careful about reiki. Make sure the illness/entity doesn’t enter your body/aura while healing the patient.