The Power of Balance

Recently, in discovering this site and reading through various experiences with demonic entities, I had a few dreams. One where the demon Murmur came to me and empowered me with darkness. Another when Mephisto(pheles), a symbol of generic demons, tried to trick me. Between these few days, I explored the idea and communed with demonic entities to discover powers previously unknown to me. Prismatic darkness manifestations, being charged with “Destroying those that would harm the waking dream of men.” by a non-corporeal entity. I found myself more powerful during these few days. The final dream, however, is what interests me.

I awake inside of my dream, my right arm covered in blood. I had a nosebleed, apparently. A symbol in dreams of “Correcting one’s religious and spiritual attitudes.” (

I called someone close to me in the dream, and I couldn’t listen to them because it felt like I had something stuck in my nose, something almost painful. I went into the bathroom still speaking to them, and proceeded to blow my nose (without a tissue?) directly into the sink. A torrent of hardened snot came flying out, as if I was plagued and draining myself of all strength.

I awoke and was afraid. I felt as if I needed to rescind from my path of darkness. I reached out to various holy and righteous symbols, and received a blessing. I felt healed and unburdened by fear and hatred. But at the same time, a familiar feeling of emptiness struck me. One that I had never noticed until it was gone, as it was during the past few days. I went home, meditated on it, and was given a realization. Light cannot exist without dark, as dark cannot exist without light. Perhaps by focusing all of our power into one, we may become strong.

But by using the dichotomy of life, the power in the disparity between light and dark, heat and cold, power of oneself and power granted by a higher being, one can truly be powerful, feel safe, and balanced. With light in one hand and darkness in the other, I hold the strength to control the world around me and bend it to serve the powers of nature, life, love, and creation.

Thoughts? I have yet to really speak with anyone on this forum, and I am anxious to hear your collective opinions. Could I have misinterpreted the dreams? Is it a coincidence that Murmur’s other name is my birth name? Am I potentially right in this belief? Let me know.


This is a forum for daredevils of psychic matters. You aren’t likely to be told to turn away from anything that you are able to do. What you are experiencing is fairly normal.

If you find your awareness plunged into utter void and perfect darkness, then it stands to reason that you must be the light. Likewise, if you float in an infinite ocean of homogeneous light, you must be the darkness. Observation, awareness, and thought are only possible when there is a difference between one thing and another.

Basically, trust your spiritual instincts. Move in darkness and light as you see fit. Ethics are for the material plane. Spiritually, you are God. Do as you will.