The Power of Anger

I’ve been working with Belial quite a bit. He seems to be encouraging me not to be afraid of anger, but to use it as a tool. He says sometimes anger is the only way we can break out of an uncomfortable situation.

I have a job right now that I really don’t enjoy. I feel like I’m made for so much more than just doing this job.

Belial hasn’t contradicted that sentiment, but when I express my frustration about it, he sort of shrugs his shoulders and says, “So, get angry about it.”

The message seems to be that true change won’t happen until my current situation becomes so intolerable that I have no choice but to create a change.

This is a new way for me. I usually try to stay pretty positive, but I have no idea what Belial’s trying to do in my life.

I’m posting this I guess for confirmation. Does this sound like how Belial would normally respond?


When I was working with belial I was at a rough time. I was sad but he would say things to make me angry. He taught me how to harness that anger and rage as a pretty powerful tool. I accomplished a lot magickally and physically through rage with his instruction :+1:
Think of yourself as an energetical powerhouse when you’re angry.


Here you go, power of rage/anger I have done quite a lot of this


Thanks! That’s exactly what he’s doing to me. I told him I was depressed about work. And he just basically said I was better than this, I was made for more than this, saying things to get me angry at my situation.

The other day my project manager did something that infuriated me. Instead of giving me a different perspective about the situation, Belial basically encouraged me to let myself be angry. It felt really good, I’ll admit. But I know it also must translate to action. He’s big into action as well.

He’s definitely not into nice-sounding platitudes. :laughing:

Thanks for sharing your experience. It helps.


Definitely not!!!
He cussed me out when I told him I didnt feel like working out :joy:
I’m really glad I could help :blush:


Yeah, I actually laid off working with him for a month because I felt like it was too much.


I’ve yet to work with Belial, but rage/anger is something i use constantly in my magick. I’ve always been a person filled with rage and firey passion (even if i can be a lazy POS), and I’ve personally found it to be a great way to raise/launch energy and intent in magickal workings. I say don’t be afraid to use your anger (i’m not saying you are btw), embrace it and let it consume you when need be to create the change you want/need. Like a purifying fire of sorts. That’s how I do it, personally.