The Power of an Unmarked Grave

We’ve all been to a graveyard at one time or other. Myself and my fellow necromancers frequent them. We’ve all seen the neglected graves that either have non legible grave markers or don’t have one at all, the graves that have no name attached to them. These spirits/shades are usually very irritated that they have been forgotten and in the occult world they are referred to as the forgotten dead. These spirits work fast and eagerly and absolutely shine when they are given rewards, recognition, and offerings. I’ve worked with one particular member of the forgotten dead and all of the work that he has done has manifested within days. He seems to excel at manipulating minds to stir particular emotions (guilt, longing, anguish). So the next time you go to a graveyard, consider working with the forgotten dead. You won’t be disappointed.



Ive felt encountered them before but never thought try and work with one
As i am not much of a necromancer how would you go about attracting them
And would you use there grave dirt as an anchor point for them on your alter

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