The power of 7

I just had an ‘ah-ha’ moment of delightful realization.

I am excited, ecstatic, focused, sublimely inspired to tell a tale.

The stars, the energies, the life-forces, the higher self, the universal consciousness, it has blessed me along this road through all of it’s ups and down’s. The pitfalls, yes, even the diversions, the experiences, all were lessons to be learned. The hardships were not for naught. Experiences come, experiences go, yet isn’t it interesting how we don’t LET them speak to us at the time we have them? Rather we avert their genuine teachings to a latter date when we are more prepared to learn the lesson.

I can look back now, noticing places & times, putting the delightful little pieces of that overarching puzzle together. The path was already laid, the lessons were to be learned, yet we put them off! We fight the experience like wailing children. Yet in the end we shine through in valor with renewed fortitude & resplendent teachings to impart on those still straggling behind.

Lol, it’s all a lesson! Just stay on the path and stop wandering.

The rubric of my realization: The number 7.

It is me, I am it. We are one. God is with me, always was, always will be.

It all adds up now.

Ha! I just had to get it off my chest, the path is already laid. The alchemical process is already bubbling, once you take the first step there’s no turning back. You may wander, but eventually you’ll find your way back. Snap to attention, overcome the fear, and know that you are not alone. What awaits on the other side is beyond words.

Did I mention this month I climbed Netzach on the Tree of Life?

What an amazing experience!

Damn I love BALG, ya’ll keep me motivated as hell to keep walking this path!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: