The Power is in Your Hands : The Universe at your Fingertips

From the ancients to the modern, one thing we all have in common are hands. For those aware of the world of palmistry the understanding is that each finger down to the segments holds meaning, knowledge, power. The universe could be simply understood from the point of your fingers to the spaces between them. Although I have appropriated a bit of my understanding from vedic palmistry and western palmistry I have adjusted a few of the understandings such as the placement of elements which in the larger scheme makes sense, let me elaborate. Applying alchemical symbology helps put all of it into context using the five points of the pentagon to represent an aspect of the elements. The elements of the fingers and alchemical symbology of the pentagon are as follows : Thumb=Fire(ignus(energy)), Index=Earth(Terra(Matter)), Middle=Spirit(Ether(Planes)), Ring=Air(Aer(Mind)), Little=Water(Aqua(Life)). So to give one an exapmle by using the most well known mudra Gyan which is connecting Fire(energy) and Earth(Matter) we’re able to understand the relationship between these elements; their story would go as such : The flow of energy is directed by matter however if energy is always flowing then matter must have always been there creating a cyclic exchange of energy for form(matter) and matter for energy; essentially matter is allowing its state to be destroyed so that energy may flow and it may have energy even for just a moment. And that’s all matter and energy are, a moment, the present moment, grounding us, energy and information(consciousness) here, they are ouruboros manifested, they are what must be if all is to become. AAAAAAND that might be an over simplification but it’s still an understanding. You don’t have to constantly read your fingers but if you have a knowledge of what they represent on a fractal scale and you’re able to grasp a descent understanding then the rest of what comes to you will be completely subconscious but will always surface to the conscious when needed. From my experience it also helps significantly with memory and because you’re focusing on one point in space within your physical grasp you’ll find that ones attention and focus will double within a week or two if done consistently.