The point of worship

What’s the point of worship for the Diety?
Does it give them more power, energy, or something else?

Does it feed them somehow?


Well i always feel it’s a way for us to channel there energy and to gain there notice and favor as to feeding them I am unsure but i do know more worship a pitcular deity more it manifest in your life

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The Greeks believed that without Worship the Gods would die.

If I remember correctly


From my perspective worships equals directed energy towards something or someone on a very deep level. This empowering something further and make the rewards for your devotion greater, as long as you take your steps to power and ask for more information you will eventually rise into something else.

It can be something done as part of assuming a godform it can even seen as a form of submission really. It’s not always a bad thing, however in serving you are also learning to unlock abilities as well and in not to long time at all you shall also rule.

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Interesting responses I have always viewed worship as a way to focus on something that doesnt trouble you a distraction(with benifits) if you would say.

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Yes, in a manner of speaking you feed what you worship, like giving an offering to a spirit but on a different level. However, by doing so, you place what you worship on a pedestal higher than the one your on.

IMO none, unless you want to give it power, in general as well as over your self. A poor idea.

Over the person giving worship, yes. I feel that they are autonomous; there existence and potency are not dependent on our worship, but it does make some factors different, for good or ill to the individual.

Time and attention are spiritual currency same as how we have dollars and yen, euros etc as financial currency.

Worship is a form af payment with the two most valuable resources we have on this plane.

Nothing builds relationships stronger. Even in regular relationships, if someone’s distracted by the phone while you’re talking then you’ll feel that they aren’t fully there and the opposite when you have someone’s undivided attention and PRESENCE.


Attention is a baser form of worship. You give someone attention, and you give them your time and energy, your life, thee most valuable thing. Worship provides sacred(attentive) space for the deity to inhabit. Your body is the temple. Worship demolishes the ego over time and primes your bodily temple to receive the presence. Living in the true presence of the divinity is the goal, embodiment with whatever powers you are worshipping.

Warship is my version of worship because I am a warrior and I fight for the rite to ship the powers of my choice to and fro. The battlefield is society, the ego is the warship. A finely tuned ego, having gone through the demolition and restructuration of worship, is a finely tuned warship.


Damn, ya beat me to it.

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