The Pillar of the black sun and the blood moon - Ahriman and Az Jahi

The Pillar of the black sun and blood moon, is a lamp of fate that combines the essence of Ahriman and Az Jahi, the King and Queen of counter creation.

The Pillar is like a lamp of fate, to create the Lamp of fate use two colours of wax, Red representative of Az Jahi, the first half of the pillar may be red and within the red wax, implement the herbs that are connected to Az Jahi found within the BMOA.

Then fill the top with black wax, Representative of Ahriman, mix in the black wax the herbs connected with ahriman in the BMOA.

The wick may be dipped in blood and left to dry before construction of the candle, once you’ve created the candle and it’s hardened.

Perform the rite of Consecration found in the BMOA, removing the limitations of ahura Mazda and employing the powers of the current.

Once completed, place the lamp of fate, either on the infernal nexion or the talisman of counter creation.

Vibrate the name of Ahriman, feeling the presence of his darkness enter you and your surroundings, see the darkness gather above the candle you may even want to structure a miniature black sun above it.

Then perform the littany of the black sun, will the power to gather in the structured black sun, with your right hand pull the black sun into the black wax.

Then Vibrate Az Jahi as a mantra, feeling the presence and power of the goddess enter you and your surroundings see a red dark mist gather above the above the candle, structure a miniature blood moon above it.

Then perform the littany of the blood moon, will the power to gather in the structured blood moon, with your right hand pull the blood moon into the red wax.

Then say this

" I the zanda of ahriman, priest of counter creation, call Az Jahi and Ahriman into unison, come, I call forth the black sun and blood moon into unison, may the King and Queen take their place within the lamp of dark relation, The forbidden love rise ".

Give your blood upon the candle, breathe upon the candle, fueling the dark essence of the lamp the prana, the limitation of creation and life will be broken down and shall fuel the power of the dark essence of the lamp.

Then say

" My blood I giveth as a sacrifice to the King and Queen, may the lamp awaken ".

Vibrate, Ahriman and Az Jahi, then leave it upon the opened talisman gaining huge critical mass or placed on the infernal nexion gaining critical mass.

This Lamp has various powers, it is to be placed as a devotional item to the King and Queen of darkness, it also acts as a vessel to bring both Ahriman and Az Jahi into the temple of blackened fire.

Realise that you have access to the powers of each being in the candle, you can access them individually or both which is extremely potent.

Keep this in the dark, this lamp of fate has many hidden uses want to know then ask ahriman and az Jahi themselves.


Conner Kendall


:thinking: timing on this is interesting, i’ve been pondering lamps with more than one color lately. Mostly ideas of infusing them with Aighash and Arashk or kunda and bushyasp. Wasnt quite sure how i was gonna go about this, till now thanks!!

Will experiment with this after i finish another project i am working on :grin:

Great stuff @C.Kendall :+1:


Thanks man, truly work through the path intensively.

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Oh i am :grin: Aighash is pulling me down a rabbit hole that could have some interesting results on perception of energies. Working on a new scrying tool his whispering are leading me to make.


Great stuff man, hope to hear more about it soon.

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Awesome work C.Kenda, you inspire me top job.:+1:

Very good brother! Keep it up! The current keeps expanding through you guys. Its not just me anymore. :smiley: