The philosophers stone

We’ve all heard of it, some of us wield it. I, only recently learned to use it.

The philosopher stone is a mindset, not a rock.

It allows you to see the positive of all things. (IE: Turning lead to gold) Working with being such as Belphegor, the god of sloth, but, he also teaches patience, once you apply the stone.

Lucifer, the god of pride, but pride can lead to further achievement and the pursuit of perfection.

Asmodeus, the God of lust and pain becomes the god of pleasure and understanding of consequences.

So on and so forth.

When you apply the stone to a situation, you can see the positive outcome in the bleakest of circumstances.


Both a rock (actually a powder, for usage) & a mindset, among other things. Dualistic extremism is rather anathema of alchemy, as alchemy at its core is about the study of things which are permutations of One, which is how it’s possible for things to transform. There are countless subtle nuances & bits of wisdom to be unpacked— As Above, So Below references the Oneness that is still present even in Dualistic states. The rock is a physical permutation, which affects the physical; The mindset is a mental permutation, which affects the mental; Etc. There is more than just physical, or mental, there’s also various other permutations of the stone— Spiritual, emotional, energetic, etc.

Just sharing some insights


I appreciate it. Right now, I’m just working from the metaphysical standpoint. I’m still learning a lot.

The person who says that they know everything in this field is the person that needs to get out of this field. Because that’s the person that’s going to get somebody badly hurt or mind fucked.


Aye. Alchemy is quite potent, which Eastern alchemy & philosophy helped me to start wrapping my mind around Western alchemy a bit more readily. Lots of fun things one can do with it, like transubstantiation (basically Jesus crackers, in Christian practice). Imbuing something with particular energies through energywork (among other things), then using the physical act of ingesting something to drill in what kind of energies you want all up in your grill Basically, using different parts of the whole to in tandem to facilitate change in one or more of those individual parts or across the whole.

You’d be right about “mindset” because the philosopher’s stone is your consciousness. That is the stone the builders, being led astray by sensory illusion and superficial reasoning, “rejected” in the Bible and which later becomes the cornerstone.

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