The phenomenon of hearing "voices" that lead to messages and the way in which the "voices/s" could manifest

I’m amazed of the fact that there are so many ways in which the message/s from an entity/entities could manifest.

  • Sometimes the voices don’t come from an entity, but they seem rather to come from out of nowhere in random moments informing you about things.
    Some ways the voice could manifest would be :

  • The voice manifesting in your own voice which comes from somewhere deep inside of you. ( I’ve heard the voice/s coming from the region of the throath chakra, that’s weird, I don’t understand exactly how and why)

  • Saying things which you didn’t intend/want to say (be it in your mind or speaking them with loud voice)

  • Seeing the message written in words in your own mind.

  • Hearing the message being said by a completely distinct voice from your own.

  • Seeing the message being written in words your 3rd eye and at the same time hearing a voice saying the exact same message.

  • Hearing the voice of an entity on a record with your own voice in which you ask for an entity to speak to you/ask questions to him/her (that could also happen without telling a specific entity to give you messages, but the chanches are much higher if you do that).

  • The animals trying “to talk” to you, so many times the birds were gathering and singing and making noise in the same moments when I was making contact with entities and asking Them things. I didn’t try to see what the birds actually want (by connecting with them and speaking to them).

  • Hearing a mysterious voice/s which is/are telling you things and giving you advice in regards about some things.

  • I’d also consider that when thoughts are planted in someone’s mind that phenomenon of “hearing” voice/s manifests in a different way.

Etc. I bet there are more other ways in which the message from an entity could be perceived. (in some cases the messages aren’t from entities)

  • In the case of hearing the voice of an entity in a distinct way than hearing the voice using your own voice and also in an external way. Sometimes the voices of an entity could sound differently. Once Azazel appeared in a dream of mine and I got scared and I tried to run (I made just 2 footsteps and I suddenly stopped for no reasons and I didn’t control that) and then He took control over my body and mind and I wasn’t able to control my body anymore. In the moment He took control over my body, I heard a deep voice thundering with wrath, the voice it was extremely powerful. But what’s an interesting thing is that multiple times when I was evoking Azazel, He was whispering to me things which I wasn’t able to understand.

  • In the case of hearing the voice of an entity/entities on a record with my own voice in which I was asking for the spirits around me to send me messages, it seemed to be a little weird and differently than the other ways in which I perceived the messages/voices from entities. I recorded my voice and asked if the spirits/entities are around me and if They would like to send me a message to me, I left some space in the record to get answers and then I checked the record. I didn’t think at first that it will really work, but I’m surprised that I caught a voice or something trying to say something, unfortanetly the record for no reasons suddenly stopped working when I wanted to also show it to someone… That’s a sign from the entity/spirit that was around me, that shouldn’t have happened in a normal circumstance for no reasons… (I kind of know what the spirit/entity wanted to say)

  • In the case of saying things without wanting to say in my mind or with loud voice - That happened me yesterday and other mutiple times… For example I will say about what happened yesterday, I observed an article, but I didn’t read it and I didn’t know what it was inside of this article and then I said without wanting to do what was inside of this article without knowing what was inside of it! The things that I said were real all the times when this phenomenon was happening!

  • In the case of seeing the words written and hearing the words that are written being spoken - That happened to me after I woke up from my sleep in the morning, in the next seconds after I woke up from that dream, I had a vision in which I was talking with someone on instagram, that person was writing to me and after the message got sent to me a calm voice (almost sure that it was the voice of Lucifer) spoke to me the written message and the message was “Magick exists in everything/everyone. Your beautiful.” And that day I got sent to Lucifer and I felt a presence with me in the room, extremely close to me, almost breathing at my neck.

  • In the case of hearing a mysterious voice in a dream in which it gives you advice - That also happened to me, I heard a masculine, clear voice that was belonging for sure to a young male in his early to mid 20’s . The voice told me about the demoness Flauros and gave me instructions about contacting Flauros and Satan and speaking with Them and bla bla bla. And I never heard about that demoness Flauros! I heard about Her after that experience and She became close to me.

    Ok, so if you all are wondering… I’m not schizo! I’d like to know how others perceive the voices/direct messages from the spirits/entities and in which way or I’d like to know more ways in which the entities could speak/send their messages! Also I’d like to know in which way the entities are speaking to you all and how it feels/how the voice of different entities differ from the voice of other entities, etc. Thank you for reading (I doubt that people will read all that thing, but… yeah) A good day/night/afternoon!

I tried to express myself in the best and correct way in English.


After 2 hours after writing that post or so as I was lying in the bed and I was trying to fall asleep (it was 4-5 AM). I started to hear 2 feminine voices having a dialogue and I was there and the voices were ignoring me. I thought that those 2 feminine imagined characthers were there with me, I then started to look if there is someone with me, but no one was… Even if I was sensing that they were there with me! I tried to fall asleep, but again as I was falling asleep, I was sensing their presences and it was 100% they were with me! Surprise, I opened my eyes and looked around and no one was there, but I was still sensing that I wasn’t alone. Feeling corporal warmth of someone and feeling that it was extremely close to me… I tried to fall asleep, as I was falling asleep, the same thing happened, I checked again and yeah… Even if I was sensing and was 100% someone was there with me. At some points I even got some impressions of how they were looking.
A spirit/Spirits playing with me? I became schizo? An entity/entities wanted to get my attention?


Yeah I think they’re telling you something, I had similar experience but I see them most of the time.

I have almost no idea what was the purpose behind that, but if it’s a message for sure I’ll understand it in time.

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