The petition method...but with 30 demons

That requires a different technique to manifest that effect.

Go with what @DarkestKnight Said about the petition work. Keep it simple and straightforward and you’ll be seeing results that matter.

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Ok but why 30? The only reason you could need more than one is to petition 3 spirits, one for each target. More spirits doesnt mean better results. On the contrary actually.


Well, theres several targets, seven at the very least that need to be affected. Im not sure how well one entity can handle multiple targets, so i am open to clarification there.
On each target, there is quite a lot to do. This goes too far beyond just a couple of basic tasks for a couple of targets for me to send only two or three spirits whos specialties dont cover everything.
I am thinking of ways to minimize how many petitions i need, it is somewhat working, but i am stuck with a handful even after that.

I dont want this to sound like i dont care what you guys are saying btw, nothing could be farther from the truth.

What is your main goal? What is it that you are trying to accomplish? You haven’t really provided us with any information on what you’re actually trying to do.

Is it the death of the targets? Is it to ruin their life?

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I wouldnt mind the deaths of some people, honestly.

The entire story is quite convoluted, but basically, i have one main target (an ex) who i want back.
I know, i know, another noob who wants his ex back on BALG.
The second target is her new guy, predictably enough.
The third target is a mutual friend of mine who went behind my back and essentially convinced my ex to block me and get with the new guy.
The other four targets are somewhat in the same boat, as in, they are friends who hold a lot of sway over my exes choices.

Thats why theres a lot to do, especially as i would very much like to get some revenge while i am at it and do some preferably irreperable damage.
When you take into account that, i am trying to seperate my ex from that mutual friend, and cause a breakup, and mess up the new guy as much as i can, and turn the two against each other, and sway the minds of the others so that they dont prevent her from coming back to me, and then finally rekindling that flame, if i havent forgotten anything, thats a lot of work on a lot of targets.

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Okay. What method of petition are you using? You mentioned Demons of Magick, so is Ritual 1 in that book what you plan on utilizing?


The problem lies within the diversity of work to be done.
I expect no miracles, and am well aware that this is a task and a half. Thats why i am trying to cover all bases.
I know the situation like the back of my hand, and dare i say, the angles i chose are almost not enough. There is really a lot going on.
And rather than overextending certain spirits beyond their specialty and ability to multitask, splitting up the task and delegating accordingly sounds like the only way that things may have a shot at success.
In my highly unrefined opinion, that is.
I really just want this to work, and putting in extra effort for extra petitions isnt what i consider to be a barrier.

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Yes, it is the only method i have on hand, and in mind.
I am open to alternatives though, if need be.

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I asked because that method is designed to call upon only one spirit at a time. It’s not built for multiples.

I think the biggest problem with your plan is that you are micromanaging. There is a big difference in being specific, and being too specific. Properly formulating a request is an art in and of itself, and as the magician, your job is to set the task, and let the spirit take care of the how.

For example, there are at least three spirits off the top of my head in the Goetia that you can call upon to get your girl/boy/anteater back, and calling on any one of them can do the job. One can kindle desire, one can work upon the mind, and the other can manipulate the emotions. Choose the path you want to take.

For her new man, only one specific spirit is needed to sow discord in the relationship (if that is what you want. Taking him out is an option as well). Remember, it doesn’t matter how it’s done, only that it’s done.

For the remaining targets, you can decide whether you want to take them all out, or use their influence over your ex to your advantage by changing their thoughts about you and then choose a spirit accordingly.

You can set all of that in motion with Ritual 1 in Demons of Magick by performing one ritual a day, for a week, calling one spirit for each part of the task.


I see. To be clear, you are advising me against having multiple demons work on different parts of a target, for example, sitri for passion (the heart) and dantalion for thoughts (the mind). Did i understand correctly?
And, regarding the group of friends, is it possible, or in this case advised, to task only one demon with dealing with them?
I am just trying to make sure i fully understood.

Yes, one spirit is capable of dealing with multiple targets. You can also petition more than one, if you want to, just add in an extra ritual a day.

What I am advising you to do is to stop trying to micromanage every little part. You can petition more than one demon to work on your ex if you want to. I was just trying to show you how to layer your spell in a way that doesn’t require 30 different spirits.

If you do 2 rituals a day for 7 days, you would be petitioning 14 spirits. One ritual in the morning, and one at night, for a week should be all you need to get things rolling.


I see, this really helped a lot, i have a pretty clear picture of how i plan to do things now. Thank you, youre always an enormous help.

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