The pentagram exercise

Ive recently been introduced to this author and i read the book and started the pentagram exercise in mastering evocation. on day 4 when i go into the theta/gamma sync and start the exercise the pentagram starts to fade in and out, starts to flash and then faces flash within it and it starts to expel smoke like that of incense. what id like to know if thats normal?
also i do this exercise in full daylight.

Yes it is, good job.

ok, cuz im REALLY new to this and i thought its just my imagination. i REALLY want to learn how to do this mainly b/c ive always seen solid objects move and black shadowy things move and i want to figure out what they are. and Koetting said that the pentagram will flash no one said anything about it smoking and faces appearing. so i was very curious and im thankful that i can ask u guys questions! thanks a bunch orismen!

When I did the exercise I got one face always the same but no smoke that sounds pretty awesome

Interesting. I started this exercise about 3 days ago. I started at one point to get an involuntary evocation occur, i.e. an unbidden entity started to come through and gave me some fragments of clairaudient information, plus some clairvoiyant images of the spirit itself. I was not expecting this to happen. It did not occur the second and third time that I did the exercise. In all cases it felt pretty powerful and apart from the pentagram flashing, it almost felt like my surroundings were fading away, and I felt very much in the right frame of mind to begin a more formally structured evocation.

On the second occasion, I had a personal evocation that I was going to do anyway. So I decided to use the exercise as a sort of “warm-up” prior to doing my operation, which seemed to add a lot more “punch”. No results yet from my working, but as it was only a short time ago, it is early days.

A side effect of it, if you can call it that, occured last night. I was on the phone to a pal of mine. Sitting in my lounge, as the dusk rolled in while on the phone. As it got completely dark I didn’t bother to put the lights on as we were in a deep conversation regarding an unrelated technical matter. In the dark I began to see a couple of entities take form and move a little around the room, which lasted for a few minutes or so. I didn’t mention this to my friend, but simply watched the spirits while we talked. I’ve never had any thing like this happen before while simply sitting in the dark on the phone.

Any further comments folks?

Well I did the exercise months ago and ever since then im constantly seeing some form of shadow movements. If I become relaxed at all I begin seeing them it doesnt the time and place either. I even get it happening at work which surprised me because Im surrounded by 700 + people all talking constantly.

wow. I didn’t have as vivid of an experience but the pentagram does flash way more hardcore then any other symble ive opened. sometimes the star completely disappears for a second or two

seeing shades is not something new to me however, been seeing them since 5 but this exercise was, it was the second time i did it and it looked like he was trying to get out of the pentagram after a while he gave up and extended his hand to me. that when when i was like ok…i think thats enough for today. in the beginning though the pentagram stated to separate,swirl, flash and disappear. soon after it began to smoke, faces came and went in the smoking pentagram. sorry for the long post.

A great way to work with the inverted(or upright) pentagram excercise from EA’s course is to find a large posterboard(found in CVS,walgreens etc…) for school projects.

Draw your pentagram as large as possible with about 1/4 " thickness in deep red. then carefully paint in black the remaining spaces around it. this will not only be a great meditative piece but also will flash due to the foreground/background effect it produces. this will teach you how to open seals and sigils naturally.

I’ve experienced similar when practicing scrying. Regardless of what I scry into there always seems to be a misty film covering it at one point or a smokey substance appearing around it, this usually occurs just before or during the actual desired affect I was looking for.

I think what you saw is very natural. The flashing is common with sigil magic, the smoke is common with scrying, and the faces are common with evocation. Sometimes we evoke subconsciously. My guess is that is what was happening here.