The Path We Walk Through

I wonder at times. :thinking: We find ourselves in desperate need for answers and resolutions and yet we can’t find them. (That’s the feeling at the moment)

Then from time to time, someone else comes along with a greater need and we find an answer so much more suitable and in depth, that it makes the problem you have ridiculously easy to handle.

You slap yourself in the forehead and wonder, why the hell I didn’t think of that!!! :man_facepalming:

What part of Ascending and Evolving is that!!!???!!??!! Lol :relieved:


There is wisdom and energy to be gained from interacting with others. I like to call it Philos.

Each person’s mind is an ever revolving kalidescope of thoughts and emotions. Each thought can be reduced to its simpler elements, and the colors of emotion are common between us all. In a way, people are very similar to one another.

The higher self of one person is even more likely to be similar to the higher self of another. So, when the higher self is having trouble getting through to us, it is likely to employ the aid of another person by way of that person’s higher self. I bet the plane of illumination is constantly abuzz with divine projections trying to work out deals with each other while we meatbags bungle around.

I’m the type who sees lots of synchronicity, so I think about this all the time. I don’t do much ritual magic because the air is already thick with intentions. It’s usually easier to follow an energy that’s already in motion.

Be the magic :wink:


You have to consider what “ascension” actually is. It’s really only greater awareness. As your awareness grows you will experience more synchronicities. You’ll suddenly find yourself hearing old songs in a new light, or resonating with some TV show you’ve watched at random. As your consciousness expands you will naturally understand other peoples problems more quickly. This will also filter down into the animal kingdom and the natural world.
The reason we cant see our own problems so well is because all that we perceive to be OUT THERE is the mirror of ourselves (including our hidden self). It is much easier to sort out someone else! Hence the phrase “physician - heal thyself” :slight_smile:


Well said. :thumbsup:

When we help others on a path like this, we also help ourselves, through all sorts of metaphysical laws… why do people think I strive to be helpful whenever I have time on here, and regardless of other factor? :wink:

I mean yeah, I’m a nice person anyway :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue: but there’s also a lot of power in simply working in the current of magick and ascent for others.