The Path of the Iron Will - My Story So Far

What’s up? I have not posted in a very long time. I prefer reading but sometimes I feel I must share my experience with others here.

In March 2020 I made my first pact with King Belial. He revealed much of my shadow-self and truly helped me take the first steps to power. The pact only lasted a month, and after that month was over I began to read other books on magick. I was obsessed with destroying myself and rising from the ashes. I read many books that focused on building an iron will. To my understanding this was the most effective way to become powerful. I took in hours of information on willpower and how to build it and make it rock-solid.

Then I began my journey into the Qliphoth and met with Naamah. She appeared as a little girl who led me through this narrow tunnel. On the other side she transformed into her true form. There were hellish screams and the scenery was desolate and barren. I asked her to reveal to me my weakest links and she did. She showed me multiple visions of what I COULD be. She told me that I would never make it if I kept living the way I was. I was determined to change.

But I couldn’t. For whatever reason, the next month was Hell. I became lazy, ignorant, and destroyed myself. I had no motivation whatsoever and spent all my money on marijuana. Part of me believes somebody was working against me, but maybe that is in my head. After the month passed, I decided that I truly was slacking and I knew the next step for me was death. Whenever I start doing drugs I become depressed and suicidal. I refused to fall down the bottomless pit once more.

This is where I started taking everything serious. I quit masturbation, smoking cigarettes and weed, and creeping on my ex. I did this all cold turkey, and the first three days were the most intense and difficult. I could not sleep and was bitterly angry at the world. I persisted, however, and have made it this long without any of these things.

My will is immensely strong now, and I am able to manifest whatever I desire almost immediately. Money, women, business clientele, and more come to me. I no longer cave into my desires. Yes, the temptations still remain present at times but I squash them with ease. It is actually quite amazing to me. The best part of having an iron will, however, is the ability to pick up on energy manipulations/patterns. I have found that I am able to identify curses, spells, and other magick that is directed towards me. I simply laugh and return it to the sender. I feel powerful, guys. Almost like this is what I was supposed to be all along.

If you wish to have an iron will then your number one focus should be meditation. I mediate for about 30 minutes or longer every day. This has helped me tremendously in my spell workings and communications. It also helps me deal with physical and emotional pain… For example, the other day I was breaking up an argument between three people and one of them cracked me on the side of the head fairly hard. I didn’t move. I didn’t feel the pain at all, actually. I looked him dead in the eyes and he knew he had made a mistake. He immediately apologized and the shame radiated from his body. There is power in knowing you can destroy your enemy but you let them live…

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have so many stories and so many journals to write. If you are interested in details, let me know. I love sharing. Thank you.


Thanks for your post. Iron will is a big part of what I always thought magick should include/produce. I’m interested in more details of your process, if you don’t mind, and of course the results.

Did you continue with your Qliphothic initiations? What meditation technique do you use?


Keep up the Good Work!!


Blessed be!





FUCK yeah I enjoyed the post… Felt shivery on the part where you got hit on the head since I have vivid imagination…


Question #1:

I have not continued with my journey through the Qliphoth as of late. Naamah explained to me that I must conquer three particular weaknesses and until I do she would not let me move on. Said something like “They will be waiting” as well. This was about two months ago and I have conquered everything she has said. I have no doubts they are now ready for me. I cannot avoid them forever as the doors do not close… I must pursue the journey.

Question 2# I used almost the exact methods in Qliphothic Invocations and Evocations by Asenath Mason. This book was well worth the money and provides priceless information. It has everything you need to get started. I attuned the rituals as well as the meditations to my liking.

Iron will is difficult to maintain. Most magicians simply can’t do it. They can’t give up their urges or temptations. If you manage to destroy them, however, the rewards are phenomenal. Energy, power, and more becomes almost spontaneous. It is magickal in my opinion. I hope I have helped and feel free to ask more questions.

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Thank you for the kind words. I am looking forward to the next part of my journey.

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I carry my athame with me at all times and believe me the urge to take his soul was prevalent. He fell asleep multiple times throughout the night and it would have been extremely easy to … well, ya know. But I digress. It is best to let things go AS LONG AS THEY APOLOGIZE SINCERELY. Prison is a horrible place, or so I am told.

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You’re speaking my language. I’m sick and tired of people spouting new-age nonsense, telling us if we want wealth we have to follow a law of attraction formula dressed up as age old hermetic principles.
Then, inevitably, someone will say that wealth is subjective. If we’re talking about material wealth, we all know exactly what that means. It’s not subjective.

Could you tell me, when you say how easy it is for you to manifest the things you want now, with iron will, do you mean through magical ritual, or do these things naturally come about, as a result of your will and desire?

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I hated the Law of Attraction. The law itself exists but the way that most people teach it is incorrect. They don’t make it clear that you have to put in the work to obtain what you want. I could have wasted so much time if I didn’t figure that out myself.

First, let me tell you that I am by no means a rich or super powerful magician. I like to remain humble as excessive pride causes destruction. Before I had an iron will, I would practice rituals and it would take months to manifest the result. Now I simply think of what I want and it begins to manifest almost immediately. I don’t even practice rituals anymore. I mean spellworkings, candle work, etc. I work with the Goetia regularly but other than that it’s straight energy manipulation and willpower. My body quite literally vibrates with energy and I am able to direct it at my goals IF I FOCUS. For example, I was running low on money and I wanted more. I simply focused on the goal of receiving money, detached, and within the next week I found $1,000 in a mug in my house… Made no sense to me whatsoever but you can imagine I was ecstatic…

There truly is always a positive and a negative to things. If I start focusing on the wrong things or what I don’t want the effects are terrible. It’s almost like a chaotic sort of energy that when focused brings amazing results but if not then it will destroy me. Kinda makes sense how drugs and temptations lead to our ultimate demise.


That can be a problem for me. As soon as I focus on a positive, it’s negative counterpart seems to arise almost simultaneously. Then I start to lose my temper and end up stressed out.

I rarely drink anymore and haven’t done any drugs in years (never addicted to anything), but there are other temptations I give in to, occasional laziness and overthinking being two.


I have come to find out through my Goetic pathworking that negative side effects are usually tests, at least in my experience. They can be tests from the Supreme Deity (the universe) or tests from any beings you may be working with. Meditate for 5 minutes every day, then 10, then 20, then 30. I spend about an hour or more meditating every day. Ground yourself often as well.

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I meditate every day, but I think my mistake was searching for that one ‘perfect’ meditation technique that would suit me best.

I think sticking to one for the long term might be better for me. I can’t make up my mind about psychic shields.

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I am right there with you, man. My problem was thinking I was meditating wrong or there was some secret method to traveling across the astral plane. Then I found out it’s really as simple as it sounds lol.

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Can I ask something. At this point where you’ve reached can, can you consciously feel the new current you’ve been immersed in… Like how easy is it for you to feel the buzzing sensation within you and get, your attention to the flow of your chi

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Easy? Well, this is a tough question to answer. The journey itself was not easy. The trials were point blank DIFFICULT. Even more so with Belial leading the way… I lost friends, my car, my job, and my sanity. It was NOT easy to get to this point. I was in and out of depression. I am going to use ocean waves as the imagery here. No, the journey was very difficult and I fell over and over. Even today I still fall. My anger is the next thing we are working on. As far as the energy current goes, YES I can buzz quite easily. For example, if I play one of my favorite songs the energy will radiate 10x. Then come the goosebumps and the rage within my blood. And then comes the strange looks from my pets lol.

It took quite a while to attune myself to this energy. Months actually. Now I am consciously picking up on everything. Visions, parasites, other magicians’ magick, etc. I can pick it all up. But only if I remain sober and on top of my game. I cannot afford to do drugs or alcohol or succumb to temptations like before. Belial was brutally honest in saying if I turn back on the road he will destroy everything I have built. I respect it lol.

Also, the more entities I work with the worse off I am. I was actually told by Haagenti yesterday that I need to cool off for a week or so because my energy levels were depleting quickly. Belial confirmed this. I don’t mind, I have been going ape shit with this stuff. But the rewards are well worth it. Everyone around including myself can feel this current of power… It’s amazing, but it took TIME. I have also been through quite a few different situations in my life so what took me months to conquer could take others years… I am apparently very well known in the Infernal Empire… Something about they’re watching me and they are amazed at what I have accomplished given my age. I am not too sure I like being well-known by demonic entities lol. I am kidding of course.