The Path Of Smoke (Limitation)

Today I find myself breaking one of my most powerful limitation thanks to Ahriman.

Because of my past, of years working with African spirits I’ve always been accustomed to worship these beings because its the way that everyone has been practicing for centuries. You call upon the God’s and petition with offerings and services.

I’m well aware that you must act as a God over everything else. Especially in front of these spirits. But now, toady, after the ritual of the black sun, a sort of dark alchemical transmutation changed in me. I not only see things differently but i feel it in the inside. Like a dark awakening of sorts. A personal empowerment that i needed. And boy let me tell you… The Gods of African tradition don’t like it. They feel insulted. They recive me with the tone of…How dare you talk to me lime that?..

What’s most ironic is…some of these black maigic spirits have even told me to do so and to act accordingly as your own God. Ain’t that shit funny??? Lol

The power of Ahriman has been shown to me in suttle ways. You have to pay attention. If you don’t you won’t see it.

Now suddenly other spirits want to work with me with a stronger drive than they ever had before in the past.

I tell you the power of this current is the truth. Ahriman is no joke and he does not fuck around. When working with him and this current he will guide you to absolute power and destroy all others who oppose this. Those that walk this path will be shown how to fully Ascend and be true beings of power.

By the Powers of Ahriman I now forsake all powers, gods deities, and spirits who oppose me and my powers bestowed upon me by Ahriman. To all the God’s who have and or will oppose me will now oppose Arhiman himself personally.

P.S. I love you guys. This is just a declaration to the opposing Gods that are empowered by Aru mazda and any and all who are alike him.

Ahriman will hunt you and destroy you all.


Even if that’s you who is opposing it.

But we learn … oh, do we learn.

Keep walking the Path, brother.


Wow! Awesome post. I’m happy for you. Your familiar deities will simply need to DEAL with the new and improved you. Instead of wearing a new mask, you simply took off your old one. You are still the one who gained favor with the ancient deities of Africa.

Having spine doesn’t mean you automatically became rude. It is simply a coming of age and now you are more direct with making your will be known.

Great work.


I would like to that all you guys for your support. Some times i think I’m going crazy!!! Lol


Shit, man … we all feel that way sometimes. I’ve come to the brink a few times. It’s tough work and the Path of the Smoke is the most challenging work I’ve ever experienced.


I started working with Lilith, and my copy of “black magic of ahriman” seems to take more time than expected. -But once its here i’m gonna start to implement it into my work.
BUT: i don’t wanna offend Lilith -but i don’t wanna miss all this power too…

Has anyone witnessed that Lilith or other qlipothic entities are feeling offended by all those things?

P.S.: The reason for an pact is, that this position as diciple opens all the doors for the teachings of the entity -so it is a situation, in which you must stop trying to rule over them, but listening to them…Maybe is that the reason why they are feeling offended in the first place?? :open_mouth:

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You will know when the right time is. Lilith knows when you need to learn something from another being or teacher, so i wouldn’t worry about it to much. You will either be drawn to do the work straight away or you will not feel the pull to do that work. I went through the same with the BOA, im reading it at the moment but i don’t feel compelled to start the work yet, so for me that indicates its not he right time for me to work with that current yet. :slight_smile: