The Path of Effortlessness

In life I’ve found one thing to be constant: there is always a path of least effort out of any situation. I’m a huge believer in the Taoist idea of wwu-wei, or non-doing, and it’s worked wonders in my life.

On the RHP there’s this idea of “the flow”. They try just to surrender to “the flow” and hope that everything will be OK.

And in general this is a pretty good approach, if you don’t mind waiting around potentially a long time to get what you want.

But I think as black magicians we can take a different approach. This is something I discovered a couple years ago and has paid off amazingly for me since.

The path of least effort is the path of flow. But, before surrendering to the flow, you must manipulate the flow to go where you want.

This is exactly what Black Magick does. But we get the best results by pushing just a little bit in a very precise direction. Rather than using force, we use the least effort to get the maximal result.

Then, the flow has conformed to our will and will take us where we want to go, quickly.

If you find you’re trying to apply force, you’re going against the flow, and it won’t work.

Instead, center yourself, become the flow, and redirect it. It’s subtle, but vitally important.

Thoughts? It’s hard to describe this but I hope it makes sense.


So is “the flow” or “path of least effort” similar to destiny or fate? I personally do not believe our lives are already planned out or we have a certain path we’re supposed to take. I believe we make our own lives, good or bad, and have full power to alter it’s direction in anyway we desire. Everyone is born into a life, but we do not have to stick to that life. We can change it however we see fit.
Same reason I don’t believe in the whole “product of your environment” excuse. There’s countless stories as proof, that just because you came from a shitty place, doesn’t mean you have to embrace it. And the same vice versa.
The only one who plans and lives my life is me. If I don’t like it, I change it, in one way or another, but it’s going to be the life I desire. It may not be so at the moment, but it will eventually. Every day I get closer to the one I truly want.

Apologies about the small rant there. Not even positive that’s what you were talking about lol.


Not really the same thing, no. The flow is just where things are headed right now. They can change. I compare it to a river. The flow is where the water naturally goes. But we can redirect them, through a lot of effort, but it’s been done.

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