The path is smoke

Day 4

As I feel this power manifest more day by day, I find that other lessons and information is being revealed to me. Things that didn’t call my attention now seams to be revealed to me in a new light. Almost like the purpose of these lessons have to be shown at the right time & not before.

I also notice other spirits of black magic tend to respect me more & hope that I don’t use the information that I have learned. It’s like they wish to Ali themselves in a more positive and beneficial way to my next interest. Bainful or not there desire is to help ME in which ever way I want or desire. Even those of other pantheonstuff.

There is something unique about this current & it’s as if the other gods have to respect it. It’s something like the primordial darkness in where they originate from in essence, is respected & kinda feared because they understand that now I hold the true power from where they came from and originated from.

I could be totally wrong, but at least I feel something to this affect. Maybe I’m just not putting it into the right choice of words.


You are getting it… yes they MUST respect it because it is their origin. Right on!


Holly shit!!! Thanks!!!