The past life thread


I have seen a few people make mention of their past lives so I figured a dedicated topic would be interesting. I’m curious as to how many (if any) past lives people remember, under what curcumstances they recalled the details and what perceived influence does the past life have on this incarnation?


Ok, so I got a past life reading about a month ago, by a well reknowned clairvoyant. They said one past life I was a chinese merchant buying and selling antique items, i was in a cave with some charged items when a spirit showed itself and said “i can show you how to use them” this was 340 years ago or so.

Also I have been in the Catholic clergy many, many lifetimes over and over again. I was told the names of my spiritual parents and that i have more spiritual dna active than I do human dna, hence why I am so different. Also “Homo Novus” is more my correct race as opposed to homo sapien.


My first memory is set somewhere in Asia, either ancient China or Japan. A broad plane is spread out before and it is early morning, there is a light fog hanging around making objects in the far distance difficult see. Two armies a stretched out before each other, typical prebattle face off for this time period. I am in a line of infantry weilding some sort of two handed weapon, possibly a Gaun Doa or Naginata. Its still, so still, the tension is immense.
I recalled this whilst gardening, I was using a mattock to plow up an area of earth and I just tranced out for about a minute, completely forgot where I was. When I came back I had to have a bit of a sit down.
About a week later I was performing an evocation with my partner in the circle, she happens to be a fairly gifted medium but her visions scare her so this is a pretty rare occourance. The spirit we were working with showed her further visions about this life time, apparently I was a zen monk andgarden builder in japan.

The second memory is from a dream, what can only be described as a different “texture” is how I distinguish this as a past life memory rather than a normal dream.
Set in America some time in approximatly the 18th century based off the clothing and the use of flintlock weapons. I am at a hanging, in a feild outside a church. The noose has been strung up from a large wooden cross. The man being hung is a friend and brother in some sort of occult order I am apart of and is being put to death for practicing witchcraft.

As he is dropped he enters into a trancedant state and instead of having his neck broken he starts to strangle. His executioners, not satisfied to have him die slowly try to shoot him with flintlock pistols, but even at point blank range the shots go wide. Further frustrated they draw swords and try to stab him but only manage to glance with shallow cuts. By this stage he has managed to free his hands and seeing this, I and other sympathetic members of the crowd draw our own swords and charge in.

Aparat from interesting synchronicity’s (my interest in east asian culture, gardening and the occult) I tend to veiw these memories as novelties and am yet to glean any further learnings.


hahaha Great thread topic. I have not only been discovering my own past lives, but those of friends as well. I will have to post some pictures to go along with this. I have been a shaman and priestess in almost all of my lives. The one I recall the most was as high priestess in Egypt. I wore nice jewelry and everyone feared and respected me. This was the phase before the men began stomping on the throat of the Goddess. I was involved in the light and shadow temples… my goal was power, and to have more power than others without them knowing it. I joined the shadow temple which was all men, I was the only female they would allow in. I encouraged them deeper into darkness and failed to protect the Goddess temple of Light. I was not necessarily evil however, just wanted more power… and practiced Ancient Sumerian Magick.


My friend Jonathan is the reincarnation of ArchBishop Feofan Bystrov of Poltava… evidence here:

Here is another life of mine:

Whore of Babalon, came back to usher in the new aeon… and prepare others for the apocalypse.


My past lives are still under exploration - I do know I was Captain of the Roman Guard at one time…

Also a Berserker in the Amazon Jungles…

Warrior, Shaman, Ruler, Priest of many Religions, and amongst the most menial lives for respite and creativity…

I tell you true - greatness is not to be boasted about - power without defence is nothing… unless one sees the ugliness of the order of things - one cannot take measures to prevent oneself from the unconcious or concious intentions and actions of others…

They will try and rape you of your power to supplement their own - however - there comes a reckoning
They will pull your eyes out so you do not see their weakness…
They will assasinate you in acts of cowardice with a lead in of seductive words of friendship false and airs and graces
They will smear filth and sprout mocking words all over your glory
They are as empty jars more worthless than the earth from which they were fashioned, unfit to be anything more than recycled into the dross from which they came… barely fit to be used as human mortar in this building we call the great work of our souls…
There is a force for traitors and mockers that will bring the ultimate respect - and it will be a spectacle that makes Vlad look like Florist… Reviled repulsed by all and exiled - I will eat my breakfast from the skulls of the Kings who stole their power - and the guts of the queens who bore and protected them… I make no distinction…
Call me old fashioned - but a simple sincere apology would be fine, its free, but some are still too miserable to afford it… so… they pay the highest price… for my most free service… welcome… let us be swift - for I have much work to be done…

The Fruit of The Tree of Wisdom is paid for in Blood and Tears


I guess I am just spiritual snob. I have been through like ancient egyptian death initiation at the age of 14. Was shown the future by Jesus Christ. Was taken into the pits of hell. Went to source endless formless light at 19 in a state of utter turmoil so great. I wanted to die when I met God, who electrocuted my mind. Been seeing spirits since 15. All of my lives were shamanic or priestic. Was raped, homeless, made fun of, casted away, mocked, raped, beaten, taken advantage of time and time again. People continue to treat me like I am crazy or an idiot. I love them all.


EA & Dante??? lol looks like them.



There is a resemblence for EA:



Looks like something I would draw. lol. I think you owe me a kiss EA. For all the Ladies out there:




Theodora is considered a great female figure of the Byzantine Empire, and a pioneer of feminism, because of the laws she passed, increasing the rights of women. As a result of Theodora’s efforts, the status of women in the Byzantine Empire was elevated far above that of women in the Middle East and the rest of Europe.

Theodora proved herself a worthy and able leader during the Nika riots. There were two rival political factions in the Empire, the Blues and the Greens, who started a riot in January 532 during a chariot race in the hippodrome. The riots stemmed from many grievances, some from Justinian’s and Theodora’s own actions.[10] The rioters set many public buildings on fire, and proclaimed a new emperor, Hypatius, the nephew of former emperor Anastasius I. Unable to control the mob, Justinian and his officials prepared to flee. At a meeting of the government council, Theodora spoke out against leaving the palace and underlined the significance of someone who died as a ruler instead of living as an exile or in hiding, saying “purple makes a fine shroud” meaning better to die an emperor fighting to keep his throne than to run away in fear and live as an exile.

Theodora participated in Justinian’s legal and spiritual reforms, and her involvement in the increase of the rights of women was substantial. She had laws passed that prohibited forced prostitution and closed brothels. She created a convent on the Asian side of the Dardanelles called the Metanoia (Repentance), where the ex-prostitutes could support themselves. She also expanded the rights of women in divorce and property ownership, instituted the death penalty for rape, forbade exposure of unwanted infants, gave mothers some guardianship rights over their children, and forbade the killing of a wife who committed adultery. Procopius wrote that she was naturally inclined to assist women in misfortune.[12]


My last three past lives were in Budapest, China, and Japan. They were spent around very meditative people. I had wanted to connect with my higher self but failed in all 3 of them. So I bought upon myself Narcolepsy as to have an advantage. So when I was being worked on for the fwb I am guessing that I was given the ability to handle it more, although it just isnt possible. But I was shown lots of my higher self and may have even been there for a second and its just too high in my will for me to get rid of it. And I myself dont want my narcolepsy gone. I was told that I would have a great advantage in achieving meditative states that would exceed states that even very meditative people achieve. If I can master it of course.

I also saw my past self as a child doing what must have been " air bending" Just playing around with an object blowing in the wind.

The fwb magick is strong though. Even though I have narcolepsy I am so convinced that I dont that I have been able to get off of the adderall. The messages that my higher self gave me was to just “let go of fear” and for me to let the past be the past and be in the present moment.


I had a past life experience where i was on this boat and the land was flooded by water. i remember passing by a mausoleum and seeing the grave stones through the opening of the it and that was flooded as well… i then landed on this island like patch of land where the scene went panoramic and on one side there was a large statue of “jesus” and of the other side of the patch there was a large sumerian type statue, the body of a lion and the face of a man. i then arrived at this place called Armana and the people worshipped tornado’s. they were in a desert and i remember seeing carvings of tornado’s on the walls and people dancing and spinning. later i was to find out that there was a place in egypt called Amarna…its almost the same word…dk if that is a coincidence