The Pact

To anyone who has begun the work, have you used the pact with azazel as written in the BoA either word for word or as an outline, or did you come up with your own, entirely original terms?

If & when I decide to enter into a Pact - whether it be a Nether or anyone else, it will HAVE to be Original - based upon my unique situation; what exactly it is I want and what exactly I am willing to give in return …

I believe the Pact in the BoA is there as a guideline and also an illustration of how the process might work. Each person will be different … :wink: Z

I plan on taking the pact written in the book and making my own changes but…still plan on using it.

When i made my pact with Azazel i used EAs pact as a outline, not including things i didnt want explaining clearly what i wanted in return.

I used the plan as outlined in the BOA. Yes it’s working.

Originally when I asked Azazel about pact he asked me to create simple altar maintained and used with love and joy. later I found out that I have already made a pack in my past life and I don’t have to do any formal pact in this one.
Technically one day my friend told me about Azazel and few days later I’ve heard Azazel’s name and voice in my head calling to contact him.
That’s my story, guys!

Same here but with some personal modifications.
And yes, it works indeed. But then again, why shouldn’t it work? After all, it’s the intention that counts, right?

Hello guys,
short update about my pact. I got strong impulse to burn old pact with Azazel from past lives. I felt fear and something like losing something dear in my life. But my relationship to Azazel change more to cooperation and freedom.
And during the process I received following message:
“You are becoming us and vice versa. We can exert by you. Your longing is the same as ours - to exert.”

What experience do you have?