The Other Side


Does anyone have a copy of The Book of Sitra Achra they’re looking to sell? I have checked ebay, people are asking for 4000, which is steep price. But it was a special edition.

I’m just looking to read it and take the knowledge, and maybe if pushed start working the current.

Yeah, most people don’t seem to really understand how Economics works. You need a buyer for your book to be worth that much.

It’s on scribd for free, scribd is free for the first month, I plan on cancelling before the 30 days is over, I’ve probably downloaded a thousand books so far, so many cool occult books I’d never find in a library

The question you need to ask is whether Scribd own the copyright on any of those books.

And how you’d feel if, as an occult author operating outside the kind of world of the Stephen Kings & J.K. Rowlings, you’d be okay with a third-party company stepping in to give your work away free, and having the audacity to make a profit on it themselves, both by subsciption and through selling ads.

Here’s what Josephine McCarthy has to say on it all: Giving & Stealing - Finding A Balance For Occult Authors.

While she operates outside the black magick world, I don’t think anyone can fault her commitment, sincerity and desire to give away as much of her work as she’s humanly able to do, and yet she’s still being directly and personally hurt by these kinds of sites because the small amount of royalties she should get are being diminished by them.

Just something to bear in mind when downloading “free” books - they’re free because the author’s not being paid, and yet even if you get out before the 30 days is up, remember that Scribd are doing very nicely placing ads before your eyes and getting paid themselves for that.

Morality: Murdering people with black magic is A-OK but copyright infringement is VERBOTEN…

Well, most people who set out to kill another person with magick have given the idea some serious analysis, have a genuine grievance (as they see it) against the target, etc., whereas most people who download copyright work aren’t even aware of the harm it can do to an indepenendent author (which is why I linked to Ms. McCarthy’s article spelling it out) and don’t have a grudge against the author.

There’s a saying that no single raindrop thinks it caused the flood - most people haven’t given much thought to whether content theft is even a moral issue, and it was that I wanted to highlight.

Of course it might not fit if you like your morality simplistic and absolute, but the reality is most of us operate a shifting scale, and asking people to consider where they sit by posting the words of a woman who’s experienced direct personal loss in this way, probably from people who consider themselves fans of her work, seems like an appropriate way to raise the issue.

You just wait until my post count gets higher, then you will all take my power seriously…