The Origin of Archangels?

So I know for Christian mythology they are God’s or Yavh (can’t spell) top angels but they seem to be fine working with people who have denounced the Christian ‘god’ and Jesus. Makes me wonder if there actually any loyalty there? It doesn’t seem they work for that god or have much connection? They seem like any other spirit, free-willed and will have a choice so is the thing about archangels being controlled by the Christian god or whatever you call him just false and made up?
It just seems to me also that they are much more powerful than him as I’ve heard and seen the Christian god or Yahveh is quite a liar and offers empty Promises. Maybe It’s not true but I’m wondering. Thanks

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They are far older than the Christian religion and really have nothing to do with it. They will pay lip service to Yahweh only if you expect them to. Like demons, they have a purpose to fulfill in the universal order, and they do so in whatever manner is necessary.


Yeah @TheMagi, I’ve pondered that also… I wonder if we should just ask them in an evocation? I’m down for that. As I’m doing a light invocation here at work, I’m getting some interesting thoughts… Something along the lines of what @DarkestKnight just said.

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If your looking for i fo on the origin of the idea of archangles you need to go further back than Christian/catholic religon. The idea is older than that. Zoroastrianism has their own “angels” that work for Ahura mazda.

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What @DarkestKnight said.

The Abrahamic version of God (God/Yahweh-Yehovah/Allah) is ultimately a human invention.

I’m sure there is some being that lives in churches. Imo its more like a group of beings that flock to them to feed off of the negative energy a lot of them have. Hundreds of people kneeling before an altar and condemning themselves as evil sinful beings, talking down about themselves, offering their souls and giving “god” complete control over their lives. That seems like the perfect environment for some nasty beings to take advantage of. But certainly not the “one true God” that they believe in.