The only time I have felt fear during an evocation

I have done workings for years and this is the only time I have ever felt fear and such strong energy it nearly floored me. I have been working with Andromalius recently and he is wonderful and I adore him for his results and support. Last Evocation he brought another with him.

I know it was a test and I rode it out despite it being overwhelming.I know he passes his findings onto Andras and it is my first time meeting him. I was unprepared to say the least but carried on.

Have you ever had another come during Evocation?


Yeah, although I don’t know who was with him. He only gave away that we weren’t alone but I continued since I didn’t felt anything more off than usual.


Energy emanating from the other spirit is just that…energy attached with fear…similar feeling you might get while meeting a new person and you get repulsed on a first glance but when you dig deeper there’s a whole new experience :pray:
I doubt Andromalius would bring someone who would harm you in any way and this is a good test for you to differentiate Andromalius energy from energy signature of other beings.
That’s my experience but take it with cum grano salis


Yes especially once, a Spirit brought an ancient God and an angel with him. I shooed the angel, I kept the God :rofl:


Yes funny thing is it was with Beleth ripped my head off and rode my dreams… lucky for me he gave me sympathy as i plead my case

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Andromalius would never harm me, he is really old school and principled. What power I felt though!

An Angel and a God? I bet that created some powerful vibrations!

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It created more of an annoyance from my side actually cause the angel didn’t want to be shooed away :joy:

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