The Officially Unofficial BALG Help Hotline

Hey guys i wanted to make a thread on this because I’ve been seeing a lot of vent post as of lately and want some place where we can support each other.

I know magicians have a lot going on at once in there life, and magick tends to rip one apart exposing the soft parts in you, this is necessary for ascent, but it can get really hard sometimes and i wanted to help anybody i can.

When i was younger i tried to commit suicide (I’m much better now) and a close friend of mind succeeded, and i don’t what that to happen to anybody else.

If you need to pm me about anything, just talk, you haveing a really bad day, don’t know what to do, trying to figure out what to make for dinner? Just talk to me about it, I’m here as offen as possable to talk, and if you really need it you can ask me for my number because sometimes you don’t have time to go onto a forum and really just need a shoulder to cry on or a ear to listen.
I don’t care if you call me at 2 in the morning if you really need it ill get my ass up to talk to you.

And if i don’t answer right away, don’t worry I’m probably just drawing or something ill get to you. And if not right away someone else can probably help you, its a group effort after all!

And anybody who is reading this i want you to comment at least one thing about yourself, it can be anything! I want to keep this thread alive as long as possible.

With love and Ambition, Florry


Kudos my friend!


So sorry to hear that and a great initiative! :slight_smile:


@anon39410973 this is a wonderful post for a great idea. Support systems are very important, and I know that starting any path in magick can be extremely difficult with absolutely no encouragement or advice.

Magick definitely does that, some people have a very difficult time with the idea of the death of the ego. After all so many have spent their time giving intellect to and feeding the ego, that it can feel like your world is turned upside down after the forces have shattered our view of the world and ourselves (which we learn in the grand scheme is just an illussion) The death of the ego can be a beautiful thing because of what is born out of it.

I’m sorry for your loss, and I understand that pain all too well, I am very happy you didn’t succumb to your emotions and your able to share you story and knowledge here today. :smile: speaking from my own experience, the death of the ego can very much look like a mental breakdown, which with mental health and magick there is a line to be very cautious of, this is why support systems are important, so those who don’t have someone who is schooled in our practices starting out doesnt feel like they are absolutely losing their mind (they are only temporarily) what is great about it is the refinement after a person recollects their “marbles” and they get to see themselves and the world from a different perspective.


I agree, that’s why i wanted to make this, so anybody can talk without worries, and i hope people can contact me and just talk


What a beautiful thing to do. :sob: I’ve personally tried to multiple times as well and think about doing so every day. So it’s just so wonderful that you want to be a shoulder for anyone to cry on. I wouldnt even have the strength for that, I barely have enough to keep going daily. Very proud of you for being so wonderful.


I’m generally a happy person, but I did get into cutting and did give a solid attempt at taking the long ride once.

A dr. Pepper, a razor blade, and a mind of emptiness. No further details are needed. Probably didn’t help that I had told Astarte to “give me my suffering”.

I found out later in the hospital that “Your body refused to give up on you, you rolled over onto your arms and slowed the bleeding until EMTs pulled you out.”

Great idea for a thread, working with magick isn’t for the faint of heart. I’ll happily assist with this. I typically work late nights, so I can be available if needed.


Im really happy to know you are okay, and i would really appreciate help, people need to k ow that they are cared about


If you need anything, pm me, okay?

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Can I send you a quick PM?

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Of course, you dont even need to ask

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Promise I will :smile:

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well I have been suicidial lately and I asked awhile ago for the demons to destroy me and rebuild me so I have been experiencing this them pointing out my bad qualities and fixing them for me and pushing me towards their goals… recently I felt a switched Azazel has left me and in replace of him is now Mammon these demons come into my life without me invoking them they just show up and lead me down the right path…

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also my mom has sensed lately that I am being possessed by demons she is a Christian and shows concern but I can’t talk her out of her belief system…

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You’re doing great, and sometimes you need to do you own thing without judgement.

If you need anything pm me

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thanks I’m improving…


I really hope you’re improving, you need to take care of yourself, if you need any advice, ask


Same here, got your back.

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Is it okay if I post video about it?

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Of course