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Maybe its because i have been having crazy breakthroughs lately and i have fucking worked my ass off, and dug, and dug, and dug, to get to where i am right now…

Trying to understand why most people who embrace these esoteric philosophies… Are so quick to doubt their decisions… and so quick to ask someone else to help them. Which i feel like help isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m not against working together and helping people out… I’m against people who want everything handed to them, and that seems to be a growing trend in the occult/ and esoteric practices… That why I’m glad people like E.A. give you a glimpse, but makes you dig on your own… The point of these practices is to take control of your own life and create your own path in this world. With all the tools you have at your disposal… You shouldn’t be buying spells online or asking people to work magic for you (even tho i would sell spells… haha)… unless you both have a common goal. You should be practicing yourself and finding answers yourself. Thats what makes it fun, and makes you grow. I understand its finally starting to become more acceptable to step out and claim to be something other than Monotheistic… But i guess its the fear of ridicule thats holding people back from embracing their Higher Selves… thus holding them back from progression… Fear and Doubt will kill your progress faster than anything else…

There is just a lot in the occult “scene” that bothers me and i wanted to address a huge issue… even tho i should be above what other people choose to do…

I guess it all depends on the person’s mindset, psychic abilities and situation. For instance, I always perform(ed) my own workings but always accept extra assistance. Another mage’s ritualistic perspective and output is just what might be needed.

Sure, many are new to the occult and might need a quick fix to a pressing issue. And yeah, fear, doubt, lust for results can all impede things but sometimes, there’s more to the situation (curses, hexes, bad karma, ill-aligned planets on one’s chart, ancestral curses).

As you see (following the link below), there IS a pressing demand for genuine and skilled spellcasters. The fact most online casters are scams preying on people in need doesn’t help…

But I’mma admit that love spells are a tricky thing, and a good part of those people looking for spells are looking to attract a lover to them. That can also be a problem in stubborn cases (where there is lots of resistance on the target’s part, for instance). I’ve learned the hard way that totally letting go might be the right thing.

And finally, BALG does offer ritual for hire services:

I see nothing wrong with it as long as people keep working the path.

I don’t see an issue with buying spells. The practitioner has always been the mediator between Spirit and Man. But if you mean aspiring practitioners buying from others, that depends on the degree. Paying for all sorts of spellwork that you could do yourself is unacceptable and takes away from your path. But paying for products or services that you do not have the license or power to perform is acceptable. But either way, you should always strive to be as self sufficientas possible.
I don’t believe that all humans will, or should, practice magic. But that is the way it is.
“Everyone and everything has its place in the universe” -Satan
The practitioner mediates between the mundane and the spiritual. Mundane people regulate the mundane world.

I don’t really see an issue with it either, I mean some people believe but don’t practice.

A client of mine paid me to get her philandering husband to return to her and she was actually a christian who didn’t want to do any rituals herself for obvious reasons, but realized she was unlikely to get her husband back by mundane methods. I think most people who pay for rituals are in similar situations as her and will never aspire to be an occultist.