The number 7 and infinite

I plan on making these two numbers sigils. Of course I do not know what they do, but 7 represents some divine number since I see it everywhere and I will assume it is that. Infinite is a sideways 8 and also holds a big significance. If anyone else would like to try it too, go for it. I’ve been thinking, maybe they are sigils hidden in plain site. No one tried doing me yet, so I will.


I know it is total facepalm, but I really think they hold something. Atleast some thing!

Well keep us updated. You can dive very deep in the rabbit hole with Chaos Magic. Use reality as your symbol set and see what happens.

I will keep you updated.

I will start with a five day fast because for some reason intuitively it tells me so.

Considering just how many people have different beliefs and ideas tied to each number, I would proceed carefully. Somehow you would have to activate the core essence of the number, while avoiding all the shit that has been connected to it over the years

That is definitely right. I also figured out that the number infinite represents the snake eating its own tail.