The Nocturnal Alliance

In the game that I’m working on, I am adding a faction called the Nocturnal Alliance. This faction is made up of beings called Nocturnals, which include Vampires, Lycans, and Cambions (Half Demons). All Nocturnals are living beings of human, or human-ish) origin. They are affected by what is called “The Curse.” Or at least that’s what non-nocturnals call it. The curse a nocturnal has over them connects comes from a spiritual source. Nocturnals are connected to this source of which grants them special abilities, enhancements, and certain weaknesses.

The fantasy universe around the game sees Dark and Light outside the polarized accepted view of society. Good and Evil are relative in this universe. Though, some races are more antagonistic than others. Despite this, mortal beings will still react to anything they do not understand and may still treat anything dark as evil. Because of this, nocturnals are outcasts hiding among both humans and witchblooded.

Vampires are “cursed” by the powers of death. They’re not immortal or undead. They do not burst into flames in sun light. They also don’t need to kill a person to feed and don’t automatically raise the victim as a vampire. Vampires are weakened by sunlight. They only need a single pint of blood from a subject each weak which makes them feel drowsy when taken all at once. Many prefer willing donors over reluctant victims. If one doesn’t feed in time, they begin to age and decay. So as long as a vampire feeds, their youth and beauty is preserved. They can’t automatically shapeshift or fly. They do possess a supernatural charisma and some minor hypnotic abilities.

Lycans are “cursed” by the powers of the wilds. In the beginning, they become more and more wolf like with the phases of the moon at night till dawn. Later they learn to change at will and keep their humanity. In human form, they grow a few inches taller than before their curse, and possess improved physical and athletic ability. Their faces have sharp features that create a rough countenance. Lycans are naturally attuned to both animals and the land itself. They can be very spiritual, but tend to not care about deities in general. So they display a sort of animistic atheism.

Cambions are “cursed” by the powers of the infernal. In human form, they have no discernible physical features. Though they have a true form with purple skin and eyes, raven black hair, and two horns upon the forehead. They possess a power over balefire, an infernal magical flame. Cambions are highly intelligent and innovative, but are highly individualistic with a distrust towards anything divine. They often indulge in magic and occult arts. Using divine names, one can force a cambion to take their true form on command.

Gods generally disapprove of nocturnals. A simple symbol to, depiction of, or object blessed by a deity can be used to frighten or harm one. That means any deity, or at least those who despise nocturnals. Thor, Hera, Lugh, Amaterasu, any. Gods ascociated with darker forces like death or trickster deities may be more compassionate, or even friendlier to nocturnals.

Nocturnals aren’t any more good or evil than any regular human. However, humans generally fear them. Witchblooded treat them with suspicion, even prejudice. So nocturnals tend to distrust them just as much. They are an outcast race, but still portrayed as generally benevolent. I like to think nocturnals can be motivated to find unity with other outcasts and act as aids and protectors of the downtrodden. Or potentially they could get involved with organized crime.

While I have no knowledge of being anything than human, I created this faction out of my own feelings of being an outcast in society. I utilized drew from my own distrust and cynicism. The main faction in the game that I enjoy is the Witchblooded covens who represent my more positive ideals with characters striving for heroism, justice, and societal innovation. Much of this game was created with others like me who struggle. Those who feel alone and outcasted. Or those who enjoy myth, magick, and philosophy.

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