The night and day regents (Goetia)

Hi guys, i am thinking of some Spells using the goetia spirits together. In the shamhamphorash for one astrologic decan for the Day is one spirit the Regent and another one for the night. Of course some of the 72 spirits do not get along with some other ones. The question is if the assigned spirits for the night and day in a certain day can work together to empower the magus? Please share your insights.

Hail Lucifer :heart:

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I see many postings listing the 72 deitys of the Goetia with various signs, elements and if they are a day or night demon. I am not sure why some demons are listed as day or night demons. It does matter what time you do your ritual as this is up to you to summon a deity. I like to perform my rituals at night which is my personnel choice.

What I would do first is choose which demon you would like to summon. They are not all the same so you need to make your decision wisely. Make sure you do your research well ahead of time — and make sure you are summoning them for the right reasons.

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i like to add as it doesnt matter time of day to call it does make it more powerful to call in the day or night