The next step?

My experiences with beginning working with demons during this last waxing moon cycle were great. I feel that Azazel, King Paimon, and Duke Sallos helped me find a path in one of my many crossroads. Combined with the help from the brothers and sisters of the LHP on this forum has truly been a powerhouse.

The demons i worked with helped quickly and i feel ive gained a positive introduction with them. That feeling of knowledge and power pouring into me is undeniable and amazing.

Im completely over my ex and felt really “attached” to her apon joining this forum. I came here angry and sad. I now have the no chains tying me down. I perfectly happy with myself.

Now im at a point where i need to manifest a new source of income, car, my own place ect.

So my question is what do ya’ll suggest for rituals or demons i could work with during the waning moon? Because i totally feel an energy shift as the moon cycles, something ive always been aware of as long as i can remember. I fucking love a full moon, but what do i do during these waning phases?


Maybe choosing a Spirit from a grimoire and getting into evocation would be a good place to start.


Getting into evocation would be a good idea (only if you have developed your astral senses and know how to banish of course). One step at a time, start with the basics, getting into the advanced stuff first will only do you bad, instead of good.


Cleansing and “cut and clear” rituals from any other old patterns, diminish any negative ancestral/bloodline energy by (for example) candle magick, these would be things in line with the “diminishing” concept.

Also, open your mind to what you specifically experience when the Moon is waning, there may be something else you can sense there, like an increase in Dark energy, for example (per the Works Of Darkness exercise). Or the Black Sun exercise, maybe?


Explain please?

@Lady_Eva Thank you, you are so enlightening. So i did the black sun meditation the last two nights.

First night was super intense but nothing compared to what happened last night. That black sun was filling me with energy all over my body and i astral projected for a while and was flying all over the place.

when i focused back in on the black sun it swallowed me, i heard unique frequencies of sound and a being appeared and was speaking to me in a language i couldnt understand. I asked that he spoke in a language i could understand. He was amazing just filling my entire being with knowlege answers to questions i asked.

Will continue with the black sun meditation tonight. Words really cant describe everything i experienced with this in just 2 days. This is a POWERFUL meditation. I would describe the intensity very similar to a magic mushroom experience.


@Davyboi i was going to post a big thing but making that public is a really bad/dumb idea on my part so decided against it. Pm me if you want the crude details, just not good information to be putting into a public forum. Just personal bullshit. If you truly want the gritty details pm me if you wish.

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