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Greetings to all you amazing peeps on here.
There is something I want to share with you and that is my relationship with Lucifer has gone to the next stage…I made him a blood offering on Saturday just gone, then I invoked him and the answers I received were so profound and wise, even more so now after bonding with him even more.

Lucifer’s sigil with my blood.

I found out now I can talk to him and as I write this now I can feel his gentle, cool presence on my skin…Lucifer is such an amazing spirit…strengthening this bond with him feels absolutely amazing…Hail Lucifer! :metal:


What do you do with the blood when you make a blood offering? Lol sorry the whole post didn’t load after asking it showed your sigil sealed with your blood.

And congrats on taking your relationship with him to the next level. If you feel willing maybe ask him what’s the wisest thing you could tell me right now.

You trace his sigil with your blood. The best thing I could say is to quote Lucifer and that is “Know thyself” and my advice is work on yourself despelling fear, protect yourself magickally and open yourself up to these great spirits of the infernal kingdom and allow yourself to embrace the knowledge and power they so want to share with you to help you ascend. And thank you.
What I would say is to invoke him yourself…he is very patient and attentive and will answer any questions you have.

Yea I definitely need to focus a bit on over coming my fears. I have questions about who I really am if I was accepted as I requested and stuff like that but I know myself when it comes to my morals and what makes me tick. My biggest thing is my hearing I haven’t been able to hear spirits yet for the most part but have noticed them changing my inner voice or my normal voice. I only recommend the question because the answer should be profound especially now since you bonded with him using your blood. I know he loves me and I love him I welcome any and all contact with him. I trust him most importantly. I just need to be able to get down and invoke him my roommate is always in the room and would flip out probably if he knew I was doing anything of the like. Ive been telling myself to just get a needle to use for getting the blood out.

With your inner voice being changed is the way I communicate with Lucifer through invocation. Maybe try going out into countryside, somewhere secluded and perform you invocation outdoors. I am willing to bet the invocation in the outdoors will be very powerful from all the natural energy present. Lucifer will be very honest with you regarding any question you may ask. What I would suggest is that you perform Lucifer’s banishing ritual if you were to perform the ritual outside.

Would the banishing ritual be for the location befor I invoke him or for afterwards? The idea of doing it outside is pleasent there’s a spot a few houses down that has like a garden between the two houses I could probably do it at. Hopefully he voiceover powers my inner voice and is deeper or something like that. But it would be cool just to hear his voice. I’ve Hurd people clearly befor so hopefully I’ll have opened the door enough for him to send his voice through and not just his thoughts. I look forward to the type of wisdom he can offer me. Thanx for sharing your insight yet again.

Lucifer’s Banishing ritual is to be uesd before any ritual or invocation. Because this is a banishing ritual that incorporates Lucifer’s power then all low vibrational spirits will be banished immediately. Would you like me to give you details of his banishing ritual?

Yea that sounds nice. Anything banished could just be summoned again. I assume it would close my links to others that arnt super strong and I think that will probably be useful for keeping my mind in a correct place I haven’t done a banishment spell last thing that was similar was like 3 years ago.

Here is Lucifer’s Banishing Ritual:

• Take an object or a piece of paper with Lucifer’s sigil on it. Make sure you are relaxed and grounded first by doing some meditation for as long as you need.

• Connect with Lucifer’s energy by gazing at his sigil so when you remove it from your vision his sigil can still be seen.

• Begin by facing east and say the following with intent:
“My mind, body and soul is protected and is surrounded by Lucifer’s protective energies.”

• Turn to the north and say with intent:
“The energy of Lucifer flows through my mind, body and spirit.”

• Next face the west and say again with intent:
“The powers of Lucifer is surrounding me and protecting my ritual space.”

• After that, face the south and say again with intent:
“By the will of Lucifer no other spirit shall interfere with this ritual.”

• Return to the east, gaze into Lucifer’s sigil and say with greater intent:
“This ritual space, my mind, body and spirit, and my intentions and this ritual are guided, powered and protected with the powers of Lucifer. Then so Mote it be.”

Then you should be ready for your invocation.
Good luck on your journey and let me know how you get on with this ritual.

P.S. I also advise that you should learn some protection spells or rituals for when you travel further down the left hand path


Thank you I bookmarked the page.

You are welcome…copy it into your book of shadows if you want

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