The new Doom Videogame

Anyone check the Doom reboot? I swear that game is connected to the infernal realm because i hear its background music near the playstation 4 even when its off, like its beckoning for me to play it. The console is also near my altar too. I recommend it to all people who are interested in both black magic and science and combining the two.

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Lol i was debating on betting it and maybe now i shall if it does cool shit like that lol

It certainly seems so. I wonder if the demons wouldve been friendly if the UAC set up shop on venus instead of mars XD. Moral of the story, planetary energy matters. In all seriousness im convinced it is connected. The game Hellblade is definately connected to the norse underworld, the landscape and enviroments are a dead ringer for what i experienced in helheim during astral travel.

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Dear god that’s beautiful hahahahaha

Fan Fiction:

Chancellor: “So despite the implored recommendations of our occult sciences team working on the teleportation array suggesting we set up shop on Venus despite having developed perpetually regenerating life support systems, faster than light travel, and this bitchin thing called inertia in a zero gravity-zero drag environment that would make fuel costs completely irrelevant in case the FTL drives went down mid jump we’re going to mars where it always sucks outside. It’s a military thing. Plus that Ray Bradbury novella I read in 7th grade gave me a bad feeling, I don’t like canibalistic mermaids and I’ve had enough of this perma shit rain weather in Seattle. No more clouds!”

Advisor: “Bad bad bad idea! You don’t understand the implications of how these energies work in the first place… Didn’t you see the briefing on how the correspondences from Liber 777 holds up in empirical studies when we phase shift our local rendering of the different dimensional polarities?”

Chancellor: “Pshh… I mean I skimmed it but I came from a military officer background… I don’t like big words. You mean you guys actually believe that new age stuff? You’re a scientist for gods sake! “CoRreLaTiOn dOesN’t IMpLy cAuSaTIoN” right? So what if the entirety of your experiment lines up with some book you like. It doesn’t mean we’re going to have a bunch of demons show up and shoot rockets up your anus.”

Advisor: “You mean the model that the whole experiment was based on…?”

chancellor: “I’ll level with you, …we have …very extensive lobbying ties to the Tau 14 Mining Corporation and they’ve strongly suggested a nice “stipend bonus” if we expand industrial traffic to the mars colony. Those religious dipshits who like those red rocks? There’s a billion metric fucktons of those red rocks there. We’re government, we like money, it’s what we do.”

Advisor: “This is probably going to get interesting…”

You ever play the God of War series? I just started the most recent launch and it’s getting me fascinated with the Norse current

Can’t say I have but then again ive never liked Zeus so maybe I should XD

This might’ve been the greatest fan fic back and forth ive ever read.

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