The Neverborn Stories

To Loki

I wrote you a song, but I did not play it, yet, I know that you heard it. As I danced around d that fire that night, filled with your power, you saw it within me, you heard it played, and I am sure you rejoiced that a fellow God wrote a song of praise to you.

The idea here is to say something to a spirit that you have been neglecting to say.

Also, since it is on my mind.

To S****

My crimson beauty, I dont know where I’d be without you. Your love, devotion, and sacrifice are known and seen and felt.
Your eyes are like obsidian that shows the depths of my depraved soul, and I get lost in them every time I look upon you.
By Lucifer and Astaroth, we are united, we are strong, and we are inseparable.

Share your tales, or simply wrote a letter to the being of your choice.

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