The nephlim race to resurface again?

Hi there. So I have read a few interresting articles (medical) aswell that more and more women around the world are being impregnated by demons.
Aparently the doctors and nurses are aware of this aswell and training on this is included in the newer medical textbooks!
From what I understand the demon takes shape into a succubus have sex with a man collect his sperm then transforms into an incubus have sex with a woman and use the collected sperm to impregnate her!
Fucking ingenious!
I also need to add that its mostly christian women encountering this. Which would be another ingenious reason behind it.
As christians would not do abortions (its a sin!) So it almost insures offspring survival.
Would this perhaps tie into the 9 Demonic beings who wish to walk among us again and rule.
They would need a nation of theirs to rule over not so?


Could you post the links please.
I want more info on this topic.

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:blush: Research the word Augmentem.

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Yeah thats been happening for centuaries lol.

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Its happening alot more now. It was not taught during nurse training a few decades ago…

Hm, i don’t know if i can believe that.
~How could i “check” that certain people are somewhat “different”?

Also: Would i know if i would be one of those special children?
And: How could i check myself?

Something slightly feline, sensual and dark was -at the most of my life time with me.
But those aspects seem to be seperated, for the most time.

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I’m not sure either how to identify these children. I posted this to see what surfaces up to try and verify this more.
Back then before Yaweh flooded earth they were giants and men of legend.

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Esoteric states, that those giants were the ancient humans, with their bodies of much less density, and much greater size.

But the same people say, that nephilim are those who give us the bodies/vehicles we need/“deserve”, at the time we incarnate.

mmmh as far as I know the neplims were a race of giants who directly decended from the seed of fallen angels that impregnated earthly women.
Biblical scripture "For the sons of God fell in love with the daughters of man and they took for themselves wives who bore them children. Who became the ancient ones. Nephlim giants, men of legend"
Yaweh said they will no longer be my sons as they have defiled themselves and taught man sin by teaching them forbidden secrets of heaven and were cast out of heaven by Archangel Micheal and his army as the fallen angels.
Yaweh saw how “evil” man had become through the teachings of the fallen angels and decided to only spare Noah. So that the children of fallen angels (giants) would be destroyed and flooded away along with everyone else.

Below is an article of “demonic” DNA/Gene in humans:

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