The negative voice in your head

Hey, so I find it sometimes when I am setting my intention during a ritual, I notice a voice in my head which always says “the opposite will occur”. Why is this? Is there a way I can prevent this from happening? When I speak my intention out loud, I do not say “the opposite will happen” but in my head I do. Will this effect the result?


I wanna know too

Are you saying you have negative self talk or are you talking about a clairaudient experience?

If it’s the latter you’ve picked up a parasite of some kind, banish or kill it.
If it’s the former, this is a form of doubt and it will kill your magik, you have to figure out why you do that and overcome it.


Negative self-talk.


I think we all do that. The main thing is to focus on your successes. Smaller things like getting a useful Tarot reading can really help you connect with the reality of it, then you build up from there.


My shadow doesnt do this to me. He and I are one and the same so we both help each other.

But how does one make that little voice stop?

Get educated on the psychology so you know why it happens . Take a look at this playlist see if there’s any ideas in these videos that can help.

In this video it’s only the middle section about building credibility to yourself that’s the relevant bit…

It has a name: The Psychic Censor, and just as well you have one that’s working otherwise you’d be in some sort of care.
For Magicians, the Psychic Sensor needs be subverted during rituals.

Banishing gets rid of sundry shit - in the inner and outer worlds.
Meditation on intent: Seeing, hearing,smelling, tasting, feeling and experiencing the outcome.
The working!
Close down!
Laugh - even if it’s forced to begin with. Bitch-slap yourself and do it every time your mind drifts back to the ritual. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can train your mind.
Clean up, then I prepare some food, bake a cake, toss a salad, etc. Matters for you.