The need to destroy this me I manifested

Hi can someone help me with something? It’s related to me wanting to destroy the old me and create the new one because right now my mindset isn’t In the best place and I need a way to start from scratch so I can prosper the way I should. I’m still young and have growing to do but I don’t want whatever left of immaturity hold me back. Maybe advice or a demon or anyone can help with this. ASAP. I’ve been having trouble since the beginning with contacting entities so maybe that’s out the window it’s like my senses are blocked.


Hiya OP! The only way to make a destruction of the self ‘stick’ is by understanding this self, such as why you feel and respond the way you do to various observed stimuli. If you don’t know why you do what you do, a ritual to destroy this self of yours would most probably result in an initial shift towards a new you followed by a snapping back into the old patterns. Start out with thought replacement (acknowledging which thoughts belong to the old identity and consciously force yourself to think different thoughts), eventually it leads to forming a new identity if the types of thoughts you replace with are similar. If you don’t know what you’d replace your thoughts with, simply write down a few affirmations the new identity would use to refer to and replace the old thoughts with. It works, but takes time, and only involves you and your mind-energy/attention! :slight_smile: