The Necromancer - Beginning the path - Finished

Nicely done, my friend! :slight_smile:


Something I forgot, but to consider if you legit plan on working through her material if you didn’t snag it when it was publicly available with her other files.


Good to know. Thanks, Ket.


Yepper, it took so long I gave up on it tbh, and was surprised to see it in my email :slight_smile:

I haven’t even flipped through it all, but I did notice the sigils and stuff I had to take from other books where there, so it’s handy to have.


Maybe I shouldn’t have bought the 1lb bags of Frankincense and Myrrh. I’ll not go through them. I hope they survive the Pacific.


You should join us in the book club… I’d feel less bat shit crazy since you have amazing experiences… :eyes:


I’ve thought about it, but I’ve been working in tandem with Pele and others here at the end of this book. I set her stuff aside to do the Shadownomicon and now this. I owe her (and hers) some time, I think. I may do the next one, though. She’s waited almost a year.


Well. If you’ve got time it wouldn’t hurt to reach out about the graphic file well in advance since it’s not readily available anymore.

I’m not sure why she removed it from her free files tbh, I expected it to be an exact match for the physical copy of the Keys and it’s not at all.


Great work

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Popping on here to say that my 9 day ritual to heal my friend has been completed. I also did the prayer to the tablet beforehand, to help bring the spirit of Nergal into my space (and gave it some blood).

In the beginning, I believe I stated that there was a vague recognition from the spirit being called. Then I stated it grew stronger. That didn’t get much stronger once the spirit was in my space, listening to my prayer to it, but there was a shift when I would feel nods or direct acknowledgement to me when I was doing the prayer. I still did it 3 repetitions, 1 time per day.

Today was the 9th day and the spirit on 257 nodded, accepted my additional blood meant for it, and then promptly left to see the working through, rather than nod and fade away. So, it seems that the effort culminates in the 9 days and is then used. I had asked that above (almost without expecting an answer), so I thought I should address it here.

And while it’s not empty, the place is now as “quiet” as it had been. I’ve called on Belial, Hi’iaka, Nergal, and 257 after work for various things, so I’m speaking about the activity of other unknown spirits.

I’m considering closing Hel’s gate sooner rather than later. The activity from the Dead had been ramping up until I opened it. I thought about closing it to see if there is a ramp up afterwards. Since I’m not actively doing Death-related rituals, it may give some weight to whether actively engaging in this path results in increased activity afterwards. I don’t know that I’m a good candidate for this, as I do psychopomp-esque activities as it is and may beacon some for it.

I will close her gate before I leave, as I will with my Shadow gate a mile from here, near the mouth of Pearl Harbor. I don’t want to leave them for someone else to either clean up or deal with.


I wanted to say that I finally released the fish today, both from my service and from their remains. I meant to do it a few weeks ago, but kept getting sidetracked.

I retasked my shade today. Also meant to do that long before now, but same as above. He is getting a lot stronger with each feeding cycle and I’ve noticed that he’s getting more independent (?) as he grows stronger. I don’t know when he’ll be released, as that’s really up to him. It’s also why I still do 10 cycles. Guess we’ll see where he’s at when he returns.