The Nature of Reality and The Constraints of Our Physical Bodies

Just some random notes I took this morning while pondering some things about existence and reality as we know it. This is all very interesting stuff. Not sure why, I just decided to share it. Feel free to reply with your own opinions or whatever…

Life was never intended to be this way, we were all intended to live free and happy and to come here and procreate to expand our spiritual selves by molding them into physical bodies made of actual mass that can do things our spiritual selves cannot physically do and to procreate while here to ensure that our gene relatives would also have physical bodies to inhabit and reincarnate into. I think this is what the spirits mean when they say that this is the ultimate existence, the one we be should be seeking after and living to the fullest extent instead of being unhappy with our lives and always looking for ways to escape this realm of existence and go into theirs, and why the spirits crave to come into our world so much because we have physical bodies that can do things that they can’t.

And we also have the ability to do the powerful and mysterious things that the spirits can do, and yes having a physical body does place restrictions and limits on what we can do or how often, but we can learn to break thru these barriers. These barriers are only there because we all have a false illusion that having a physical body is like having a physical barrier or wall that keeps us from being able to release our true powers and to do things that would defy gravity, physics, and the like. But the truth is, these capabilities are there for everyone and have been all along and the only thing that is really stopping people from succeeding with magick, telekinesis, levitation, teleportation is the false illusion we have created for ourselves that a physical body equals a physical barrier which means humans cannot do these things because it is physically impossible.

It is not impossible although extremely difficult to see past an illusion we have all been taught since birth. Remember, we only see the world as having solid objects that we can touch and pick up because we believe it to be that way so if we can figure out how to see past that and train our minds to realize that the power of viewing objects of solid, comes from our mind and not because these objects are literally solid, then we can reverse that and learn how to see objects as mere forms of energy that only appear to be solid masses.

A documentary on quantum physics once mentioned that we only percieve the world around us to be solid because we think that’s the way it’s supposed to be, and things only exist because we think they exist so when one is not in direct observation of their nearby surroundings, those surroundings become out of sight and out of mind, and therefor no longer exist at all until the observer chooses to once again observe those surroundings at which point, those surroundings once again become real, observable, and touchable.

It also mentioned how everyone seems to be in sync and we can all observe the reality of someone standing next to us but it referred to the collective conscious. That when one person observes something as real, those around him will also follow and do the same. In other words, without knowing it and within literally a lightning fast split second of a second these two people instantly become linked up and begin sharing and observing the same reality. The buildings down the road only exist because someone else saw them first and pointed them out to us. For whatever reason that person chose to see new buildings being constructed. Have you ever noticed that you can literally go months on end, driving down same stretch of road and not even realize that someone is building a new house up the street from you until someone else sees it and points it out to you?

That’s because in your reality, those buildings never existed to you before and would have continued to remain non-existent, in other words your conscious mind would have simply ignored them and you would have never even seen them until someone else makes those buildings a part of their observable reality and points it out to you, at which point, you begin to look for the new buildings the next time you drive down that stretch of road, telling your mind there is something new that it should be looking for, so when you finally see it, it is now a part of your observable reality.

Sometimes, we are the first person to notice these new buildings and tell our friends about it who haven’t even noticed it yet. When that happens I assume it’s because we are bored and actively seeking something new and exciting to look at or take part of and in a way we are essentially willing these new buildings or landscapes into existence.


Who did not intended it to be this way, and why should they be given any credence?

I would disagree with this on a technical level.

Are objects technically “solid” in the colloquial sense? No. But for all practical intents and purposes, matter is solid. It appears solid because of electron degeneracy pressure, which basically is a resistance to compression on the subatomic level, preventing particles from occupying the same space.

Prior to the existence of humans, or anything living, by billions of years, atoms still stopped when they “hit” another atom. Unless we want to say that humans created the past and everything else by believing in it, which is of course neither provable nor disprovable, then the apparent solidity of atoms existed prior to there being humans to believe in it. How can that be explained?

But whenever talk about “belief creates reality” comes up, I have to ask one question:

If you disbelieve in gravity, and jump off a building… will you still hit the ground?

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Atoms stop moving when observed. They call it the Zeno effect i thank. soooo reality might be nothing more then the human collective observation of it…And if that’s true then the best and fastest way to test what reality REALLY is. Is to remove yourself from that collective observation for a time so you can really see for yourself what’s really going on with reality…Really Fascinating topic=)

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There are things that are Reao and things that are not. Remember, it takes a split seconds for when one contacts Light/energy for the brain to Interpret ir. Theres a delay…so this factors in to the illusory factoe of the senses. Some things are real and the rest is manipulation of perception.

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RavensAscent-I believe that your summary is what the spirit meant in the riddle that you relayed to me. I am able to more and more begin to incorporate into my thinking.

Just one quick note though: Many people on PCP and LSD do not “believe” that they will die when the jump off of a 10 story building or don’t “accept” that they will lose their hand when they stick it into a meat grinder; yet they find out the hard way that certain parts of reality exist apart from them regardless of what they “believe”.

So I definitely see your point. But to loosely paraphrase E.A. in one of his last videos: You have to be realistic and work within reality.

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[quote=“jboy, post:5, topic:7338”]Just one quick note though: Many people on PCP and LSD do not “believe” that they will die when the jump off of a 10 story building or don’t “accept” that they will lose their hand when they stick it into a meat grinder; yet they find out the hard way that certain parts of reality exist apart from them regardless of what they “believe”.

So I definitely see your point. But to loosely paraphrase E.A. in one of his last videos: You have to be realistic and work within reality.[/quote]

I think it may be just another form of magick. That we have thought our reality is solid so much that to us, in a way, it really does become solid so in order to put your hand thru a moving metal blender blade one would first have to learn to master manipulation of particles and probably time as well and be certain that they can do it good enough to cause their hand to pass thru these objects that we perceive as solid.

PCP and LSD only give the illusion of being indestructible and that illusion doesn’t do anybody any good unless they have also mastered particle manipulation and actively study those subjects enough to know that it can be done. Some guy on LSD is just that. A guy, high out of his mind, having a delusion of temporarily being god-like and being un-harmable and he believes it so much that he forgets to stop and think ‘will this work?’ or ‘will this hurt?’

And BB44, what I meant earlier when I said life wasn’t supposed to be this way is that we were not supposed to be slaves to systems we were supposed to just find a piece of land, survive, and live to the fullest. I wasn’t talking about life being perceived as solid, I had an explanation typed out for what I meant but I accidentally erased it and didn’t realize it until after I had already posted the topic and I was on my mobile device so hitting the back button on the browser doesn’t bring up what I wrote on the previous page like it does on my desktop computer.

None of this crap that we are currently subjected to on a daily basis came about until centuries ago when men started forming governments and militias and started forcing people off of their own property and seizing it for their own uses.

Even the spirits will tell you that life was never intended to be this way, that humans have always tried to establish dominance in some form and have always let it go to their heads and in an effort to rule the world have enslaved people, killed people to get them out of the way so they could be the next king in line, killed people to offer up sacrifices to Gods in exchange for their own happiness and power, taken peoples money, etc.

Having to pay for land and pay yearly fees and taxes to the government that does not own your home simply because you own one and have chosen to forgo the route of becoming a paid slave to an apartment landlord (yes, you are his paid slave, you pay him for the rights to stay in a building he owns and also have to adhere to his every rule)

Having to pay for permits and pay for your government’s permission to build your house or to add a small room on the back end of your already existing house

Having laws and rules that no longer serve a valid purpose or serve to protect innocent people (i.e. laws that were made to dictate what we can and cannot do on our own property such as burning trash instead of paying someone else a monthly fee to haul it off where it will just be dumped into a massive and hazardous landfill anyway)

or the same types of laws that dictate what we can do with our own bodies such as telling people you can drink and behave like an idiot because we can fine you for it or throw your ass in jail and make you court fees and chances are we’ll catch you, but you can’t smoke weed because it’s not legal everywhere so chances are, if you’re smart, you’ll smoke it in the privacy of your home and won’t carry it on you in public and we won’t be able to catch you doing it which means we can’t fine you for it)

Shall I continue? or do you understand what I meant by that comment now?

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Peter Levenda:I always like to talk about the root of the word “reality ,” because the word comes from a very interesting Indo-European root which also gives us “royal.” It gives us what is real and what is royal. And basically what that means is, to me: “Whatever the king says is real is real.”

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Oh I completely understood your perspective. Its very common, and understandably so, since we all rather tend to think that how we are “supposed” to live is in happiness and harmony and freedom.

But WHO intended this, and what authority do they have as an objective source for this intention, which would allow us to judge that either life as we perceived it was in line with this basic intention, or not?

I think the human world is perfectly in line with how it was “intended” to be, based on fundamental human behavioral traits. It is perfectly explainable through the normal functioning of a large group of individuals programmed via evolution to be aggressive, domineering, incredibly short sighted, and selfish (among other things).

I dont like the world how it is either. In fact I have a tremendous amount of disdain for it. But it is not a mystery WHY it is the way it is.

You may say this is not how the world was intended to be… but nature, and specifically human nature, would disagree with you rather strongly. The world how it is is the natural interaction between human behavioral tendencies, a population in massive overshoot, limited physical space, and limited physical resources.

Which is why I asked the question, WHO did not intend the world to be this way? Because it wasnt nature…

None of this crap that we are currently subjected to on a daily basis came about until centuries ago when men started forming governments and militias and started forcing people off of their own property and seizing it for their own uses.

Depends on what you mean by “centuries”. If you are talking a couple centuries, I would completely disagree with you, because hierarchy and social structure have always been part of the human psyche for tens of thousands of years. The world as we see it is just the natural result of an extremely large hierarchy with billions of individuals.

There has always been government, militias, and might=right mentality.


Human behavior is very little different from primate behavior in general. Look into primate behavior and youll see there is almost always violence, strict social structure and hierarchy, and might=right as the primary dogma to be adhered to, especially with humans closest relative, the chimp.

Did you know that chimps form raiding parties for the express purpose of killing other chimps in other tribes?

This isnt a centuries old problem. This is a core behavioral problem endemic in the human population that is not going anywhere any time soon.

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By centuries I literally meant since the dawn of time (as we know it), that before we developed into a more civilized culture and started forming world wide governments that everyone must follow we have always had little villages and groups of people scattered about the globe back when the earth was so mildly populated that you could literally walk for days or months before reaching the next town or village, even those villages had an established ranking of heirarchy but these heirarchies were not established until one person with a super sized ego and a very high feeling of self entitlement and dominance decided to exert such dominance by using fear inducing tactics and other methods to let people know, I’m the boss around here because I said so and that’s how it’s going to be and if you don’t like it, we can always just kill you or lock you up in a dungeon somewhere and deny you your basic needs or make you our slaves through use of excessive force.

And one person simply saying “I’m the boss” is not going to make it so, a group effort is always needed to make it official. There will always be a few other people who step up and challenge that so called boss until at least one of them can show true dominance by physical force or mental manipulation tactics, but those who decided to challenge this person and lost are usually offered a secondary position among the ranks of the boss because they were the only ones who chose to step up and challenge him, so usually out of respect for the other people who challnged him, the boss makes the other people his right hand men.

And in order for this to go as planned, everyone else in the village or group has to exhibit inferior traits and decide to just go along with what they’re told, or face comsequences and possible death, or try to overthrow the boss and his men, or simply move away from the group and establish their own heirarchy elsewhere. But why must it always be this way? Why the need to establish ranking as opposed to just living life to the fullest in the privacy of immediate family or alone and simply ignoring everyone else they come into contact with as if those other people do not exist at all. And why are the majority so quick to give into inferiority and allow someone else that they may or may not have any official relationship with to control them and oversee their affairs?

Obviously, I understand that if everyone exhibited these dominance traits then society would’ve killed itself off years ago and we’d all be dead because we would’ve killed each other off by now, so having a good mix of more passive people is necessary to survival of humans as a whole, but why can’t people just all be both passive and aggressive sp these traits work in harmony together and everyone just establish their own little corner of the world, stick to it, and only come out in the rest of the masses if they are willing to engage in such quests for dominance or at least show these traits if needed for survival when threatened by someone else.

Why does everyone always have to establish ranking or give into it? I know that some order is necessary to keep crazy people from hurting everyone they see just for shear pleasure but too many rules and limitations keeps otherwise passive and friendly people locked away in a box that they can’t escape and those wish to live off the grid and just exist among their closest friends and relatives in a non-established town in the middle of nowhere, living a primitive lifestyle, and enjoying the use of hallucinogenic plants for recreational or magickal purposes, those people are not allowed to because some government will find them and say well, you’re still in our country and you’re free to live like weird nomad drifters if you want to but you must still pay taxes if you build any form of home and must still live up to our standards even if your home is 10,000 miles away from the nearest established city or government and you must still register your name with the federal government of is country so we can keep track of you.

Even Amish and Native American people that live off the grid, are eventually found and visited by government officials such as CPS workers, people from the consensus beauros, etc. who impose their authority over these people and say we don’t care if this is your religion and the way you think your God wants you to live, you are still part of our country so all new children must register for social security cards and members of your village must be counted, and you must pay taxes for the right to live on the land that has belonged to your family for centuries long before we even discovered it.

I know you say that all creatures have these traits so obviously we must have been made to behave this way, there for it is only natural behavior but on the other hand this kind of stuff does not exist until humans and other creatures join up into groups and villages and families, so why do these traits only come about when a number of creatures gets together but the traits are not even necessary when one creature remains alone until confronted another stray creature of the same species. Even a man and woman cannot pair up in a relationship without one of them establishing dominance over the other. Why can’t all creatures just share and work in harmony when paired into groups?

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Excellent questions, and I dont know the answer to them.

WHY is human nature the way it is, could be explained in that it is the most stable set of behavioral traits that allow for consistent survival. Some people would say that, and Im slightly tempted to as well, except for the fact that we can easily think of better behavioral sets off the top of our heads that would be much, much more desirable for the species both in terms of survivability, and pleasure.

So why is this set in force, and not better ones that we can easily think up?

The best speculation I have, is that for the human animal at its current level of average intellect, this is the best set of traits that it can express to maintain its own survival. “Better” sets would require higher intellect, on average, and most people are really not that smart at all. So its not the best factors that some are capable of expressing that wins out, but the lowest common factors to all that win out.

Unfortunately, those factors seem to be aggression, dominance, selfishness, etc.

Altruism takes a certain level intelligence to know that “it is best FOR ME to give to others”. If you dont have that level (I couldnt say what it was), all you see is yourself losing something to another, and cannot understand the concept.

If everyone understood that, as in everyone was at least that intelligent to understand that ultimately for yourself and the species, its best to be altruistic (of course some people will argue against that), everything would be completely different from the ground up.

Of course this situation we are in and this set of traits is going to eventually prove fatal. These traits of humans have led to population overshoot, which inevitably sees a massive crash (and has happened in isolated human societies before) when the food runs out. Itll happen very fast for us whenever there happens to be a massive methane hydrate destabilization in the Arctic due to warming ocean waters and increased insolation from lack of reflective ice.

I give it under 20 years honestly. Its already begun, it just needs one ice free summer in the arctic (or less) to push it over the edge, and we are moving towards that inevitability very, very fast.

One more thing: there is also the issue of psychopathy. That has seriously undermined the human species on every single level, because psychopaths seek out power, and have no conscious, thus frequently end up on the top of the hierarchy.

Its estimated about 1% of people are psychopaths, and there is no objective test to identify them.

In smaller human populations like tribes, this wasnt usually a problem, because the tribesmen and women dealt with psychopathy as you deal with a broken machine; you throw it away to prevent it from damaging the larger system it is a part of, and dont think twice about it.

I read a story somewhere about eskimos and how they dealt with obvious psychopaths. One person would take the psychopath hunting with them, get them to fish or something, and then push them into the icy ocean. The hunter would come back, and say the guy fell into the water and was gone. Of course everyone knew what happened, but it was what had to be done, and life went on.

Of course now, with those inferior traits you mentioned, psychopaths are not dealt with, nor is any irredeemable person, in any effective way, and have not been for a very long time. Thus they have established a dominance at the top of society, and only have other psychopaths to be afraid of who also have the same power they do.

One of the best things that could have ever happened in humanities past, would have been the discovery of a sure-fire test that determined psychopathy objectively. It would have eliminated the truly malevolent aspect of the human condition (it wouldnt prevent stupidity, but its a start). Even 100 years ago would have been sufficient I think to change the course of planetary history. Maybe even 60.

But I think its over now. I think this life now, that we all live, will be all of our last possible incarnation in this time line, on this planet, as human. I do not see habitat for humans existing past 50 years or so, and humans are animals which need habitat to survive.

Its why I put such an emphasis on dying well, because the road has been very, very long for some of us, but I think, finally, we are its end.

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I know I say this a lot but I’m a nerd, I was watching a documentary the other day (whoa big surprise there, right? LOL) and it was about psychopathy and how true psychopaths are such a small percentage and they did say this was estimated at only about 1% of the population which, hmmmm, notice anything there?

1% of the population
do I really need to explain what I meant by that? Probably not.

While the other 99% of people do have at least some psychopath traits, they are also capable of displaying empathy for others, caring, kindness, etc. A true psychopath is someone that really lacks empathy and understanding on all levels and will even betray their own family members if it means THEY can get ahead in some way. Can you think of a number right off the top of your head when thinking of the percentage of the population that has the upmost dominance and control over essentially everything? 1% exactly, see what I’m hinting at here? Our world is ruled and owned by true psychopaths who will stop at nothing to ensure their own success and survival.

Some of us have these traits more so than others and we can get ahead with our businesses and our careers and succeed in life but most of us have a line that we do not cross. Sure there are psychopaths living among the 99% but they also exhibit stupidity in that their efforts to dominate never go unnoticed, they eventually get caught and end up in prisons or psych wards, whereas a true psychopath is not only cold and empty but displays a very high intelligence and knows how to use his dominant traits to succeed without getting caught or compromised.

And as for dealing with the true psychopaths, they have gotten an upper hand on us by instilling values of caring and understanding and digging very deep into to our psyches and programming us with things like politcal correctness where it is considered indecent and morally wrong to harm, judge, or destroy another human being that is not thinking on the same level of mental capacity as everyone else. They know we have emotions and that no matter how good we are at suppressing, most of us cannot sit by and watch someone innocent and helpless be harmed and just not step in and try to help or prevent it.

They know this. I really do think it has been in the agenda of these 1% psychopaths to prevent their own demise by forcing everyone into having these values for human life which is possibly where politcal correctness came from. Like you said, years ago people thought nothing about putting someone to death who was so psychotic that they were a danger to themselves and everyone else around them and now we just lock in them in a psych ward and dope them up on meds.

Or killing people who were born with mental retardation which is obviously not something that person can help or control and while most retarded people do tend to have a violent streak if pushed too far, most of them will only resort to yelling and screaming and flailing of their bodily limbs to express their unhappiness and will not actually physically harm another person because they usually have a very caring side to their personality in which they value all forms of life. But used to be, these people were put to death too until someone had the idea to create homes for these people where they could go if their families didn’t want to be burdened by them instead of killing them.

But even then, several years passed in which the people in these homes were abused in every way until laws were put into place to prevent this abuse from happening and allow these people, the children, a chance to be adopted by a real family that does not mind that the child has mental challenges. I think the prevention of putting psychopaths to death was something the 1% came up with to save themselves but the idea of valuing the mentally retarded as much as a non challenged person was put here by the rest of the population that can feel and express concern and empathy for others as our behaviorial traits and intelligence levels have evolved over the years.

I don’t think the true psychopaths ever intended for that to happen because they only value themselves, and if they had their way 100% and thought they could get away with it without having several million concerned people gang up on them and destroy them for their lack of caring, to this day we would probably still be putting the mentally and physically handicapped people to death just because they have limitations that the majority does not have.

I have actually spoken to a few people on facebook that had to have been true psychopaths because they said if they had their way that everyone with a learning disability, mental retardation, or a physical handicap that prevents them from walking, talking, communicating, and hearing like everyone else would be burned alive in a pit of fire and sacrificed to some greater power for their own personal evolution and spiritual growth and I’m like WTF? I know most of us have a deep dark longing for something like that, maybe there is a certain race, handicap, religion, gender, etc. that we just loathe and hate with a fiery passion for whatever reason but most of us would never act on those feelings or vocalize them unless provoked in some way that induces serious mental trauma on us.

Whereas a psychopath lacks the ability to even think about what I just said. Heck, what I just said would never even cross the mind of a true psychopath they would just get an impulse and act on it, no questions asked, period. I laugh when some people say yeah, I’m frickin psycho and I’m like no you’re not because the fact that you just labeled yourself voluntarily as a psycho is a trait that a true psychopath would not possess. A true psycho does not see him or herself as psycho, not in the slightest bit. In fact to him or her, they are normal and the rest of the human race is fucking stupid, ignorant, unworthy, unintelligent, arachaic, little bugs that need to be squished and dealt with, and so forth.

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Oh and I know that some of the topics I create like this may seem to have nothing to do with magick but when you look more closely you will see that psychology, behavorial traits, genetic coding, science, quantum physics, all of these topics do indeed go hand in hand with magick and how it operates, how we perceive it, and learning the basics of these subjects can teach you things about your own body and your mind that you may not have previously known which can help you master magickal techniques and start to gain real control over your body, your brain, and your magick.

I’m just really scientific minded which is why my ex husband, the atheist douche bag, always told me “What you practice and study doesn’t make you a fucking witch or sorceress, you don’t believe in Christ or the actual devil so you’re just a fucking atheist that studies science and alchemy. You’re an atheistic naturalist alchemist.” LOL whatever dude…

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Ultimately everything perceivable is intertwined in some way. Even the quasars and other ancient objects that no longer exist in our time frame, are still connected to us, and us to them. The fact that they are perceivable, makes them a part of us, and we of them. It even goes beyond space and into time, making us right now present in the beginning itself. And indeed in the end as well, when there will be nothing left but a homogeneous blob of photons, we are also already there, too.

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I absolutely agree with this, I mean Dee and others were also studying “material world” sciences right along with magick because they wanted to understand E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G - not just “what the spirits say” - so the idea these things are “unmagickal” is a very recent and, to my mind, ignorant one!

The earliest represntations of Thoth & Hermes are also connected to science, medicine, and literature, along with losing onself in the immeasuable…

Okay sorry I just had to throw this in, didn’t mean to go OT but I think it’s important.

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“having a physical body does place restrictions and limits on what we can do or how often”

Is the range of potential correspondence within the vibrant cosmos a limit or an appropriate spectrum for the apparatus?

" by forcing everyone into having these values for human life which is possibly where political correctness came from."

I actually have a theory that social engineers eventually learned how to manipulate people not by injecting crude or ugly images but vibrant and colorful scenes and dramas that set the individual up for disillusion later in life. The goal being to first sell a very grand idea like world peace, absolute equality, perfect balance but then as the individual attempts to qualify reality through these false constructs, the difference between the actual reality and their preset fantasy one is such that a great trauma is caused. I at least have dealt with notions like these.

On psychopaths, have you ever tried to remote view the difference between an isolated introspective mind and a social radiant one? There’s a threshold between radiance and introspection. That threshold is crossed in an instant. What causes the inward pull into introspection? Does a person feel such subtle changes occurring within them self?

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