The nature of faith; or the engine of manifestation

Eva showed me a book called “The Science of Being Great” and it really inspired me and lines up with my path. This is where a good portion of my information comes from and I suggest you go read the PDF.

Faith is what I need now. So I ask, what is faith and how do I get it?

I sat for a while and relaxed, I let the answer come to me. Faith is trust. Trust in the world around you, trust in yourself. The vision of poise and power that manifests with belief is not blind, holding it for the right things does not hurt you, can not hurt you. It is essential to me.

So, how does one trust their world? It is not as simple as saying, “I believe it” just one time. Unwavering faith, trust, is our goal, and the ultimate road to manifestation, and this is anything but unwavering. It needs to become a habit, a learned “default”.

*Affirmations. The thoughts we think over and over manifest. I have thought of finding a subliminal for this, and listening it throughout the day regularly.

*Consider asking “spirit”/a trusted spirit for assistance in this. Like the book says, draw closer to (insert desired name for source, spirit, what have you) and it will draw closer to you, ask and you shall receive. This is also important for making your intention known and clear. Ironically, much like hypnosis uses itself to make itself stronger, you will use trust and manifestation to make your manifestation stronger, forming a very positive feedback loop.

*Hypnosis. It’s a lesser version, unless you have some strong programming in you (I do not) but it’s worth considering. I only mention this because I have experience in it.

I feel my definition of faith is clear but perhaps not complete. I implore you to post extensions on my post, as that is why I made it, to collect information and (hopefully) inform.

Faith is a sensation that I enjoy, I feel it like if I was an Imperium character

yet for me it’s nothing more than a game, a drug for the soul that is felt in the flesh and kills the mind, it makes me hate Hod, accursed be Hod! accursed! accursed! for the Aeons! I drown in the Venusian waters of Netzach, but only in my free time

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