The name "Paimon"

A lot of you people might not know that the name Paimon or Paymon is a Persian word of meaning “Oath” or “Pact”. It has also been and is a boy name in Persia.

Those who have worked with King Paimon or are close to him or have any information about his name, please come forth and join this thread and tell us what u think about this.

I’m sure there’s a lot of other people find this interesting.


That’s actually really interesting and makes much sense.

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The names we use to call the demons are not their real names. Maybe their real names cannot be pronounced, or they are “meaning without form”. Sometimes you will find that demons names have meanings of human origin because those are the names that humans have given them, and sometimes they take adventage of human concepts that sometimes are translation mistakes or created by regular religious canon issues, such as the names Lucifer and Lilith.

When I was a child, there was a kid whose name was Marchosias, and there are people whose last name is Orias.


Are you close to him?

I work with him but I’m not as zealous about him like some people here seem to be. This forum is like the church of Paimon (which is not bad) so if you want material about him, there is plenty of it.


Well I need answers from himself, there’s some ppl connected to King Paimon so they can ask him about his name or even they already know the answer. Its either his name first or the word.

My higher self/Guardian daemon Said that King Paimon consegrated me as his dragon

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Who is ur guardian?

Draggus. He inhabits at Ghagiel

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You can ask him by yourself, however, demons always lie a lot when it comes to questions about their origins or what they actually are, they always tell different things to different people, so I wouldn’t trust any answer. The best option is to take the answer that is better for your practice. I’m sure Paimon will not care about what you believe about him.

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That’s the best advice, really. Personally, I have never been lied to by the spirits I work with. It’s more like they will give you hints and then it’s up to you to follow the threads, or not. Imo different people get different answers simply because not everyone is on the exact same ”wavelength“, and not everything has the same relevance for everyone (and the mind can distort things, too). I have often found some really interesting and unexpected information during research, not in spite but because of the fact that I didn’t get all the details right away. Had I gotten everything on a silver platter, I wouldn’t have stumbled on something else that turned out to be relevant later. Spirits have many facets, and just because there are many versions that doesn’t mean they have to exclude one another. You never know. :wink:


Wow, thank you

For me they don’t like talking about the past only what needs to happen in the present moment, mostly because I’m behind on doing something I was supposed to do a couple of years ago (slight derailment).

King Paimon and my husband get along really well because they believe in a lot of the same things and in order to reach the current goal King Paimon is who was reccomend by my guardian.