The Mundane Wisdom I've Gained In The Past 20 Years Of My Life


The Mundane Wisdom I’ve Gained In The Past 20 Years Of My Life.

I’m turning 20 years old soon, however in this young stage of my life I’ve came to understand things but our mundane life.
I’ve come to conclusions and understanding which even sometimes surpass individuals of my age.

See life can be cruel, it can be tough, we sometimes sit there and question when things will turn around and get better.
Truth is they won’t get better, the reason being is you can’t expect fuck all to change unless you do two things first.

You must first change yourself, look at yourself from a neutral non bias and external point of view.
See your flaws and be honest with yourself, once you see those flaws, get off your ass and change them.

Once you’ve changed yourself begin changing the world around you.
Don’t wait, no one is coming to help you, no one will give you what you want.
You need to get off your ass and create the life you want.

Another thing is ‘The Negative Influences In Your Life’. I don’t care if it’s your friends or family or even your spouse if they hold you back and fill you with negativity cut them out of your life.

It can be hard to let go of those close to you, if they are holding back you have to do it. Realisation for you too, do not feel sorry for yourself, fuck self pity. Self pity is a waste of time, you’re in pain.

Good take that pain and suffering and channel it into something productive.
Your depressed and stressed, good use that as motivation that you are rock bottom, use that hunger and work your ass of to get out of that dark place.

Here’s another key word for you, balance.
If you live a balanced life, you’ll notice you live a much better lifestyle.

You drink, good have fun but don’t become an addict.
Fuck it, you take drugs occasionally who am i to judge, but take it every now and then.
Do not become addicted, there should only be one addiction in your life.
The addiction to succeed.

Another thing, people tell you money isn’t important. That’s a crock of shit, I’m just being honest with you.

I’ve lived homeless, with no money, desperate, starving.
As soon as I found out I was a father, I kicked my ass into gear and worked and got my money, trust me it feels much better.

Look after your mind, your body, your soul and the ones you love.
Do not live to impress others, if your different that makes you unique.
Take that aspect about yourself and embrace it.

Friends come and go, family come and go, everything in a mundane sense is temporary. This means do not get attached to anything material because soon or later it will fade.

If people hate you, good let them hate.
They must really like you, to think of you, their envious.
Don’t waste time either, got nothing to do ?.

Make something to do, your bored then work out. Ain’t got no plans visit your family because they won’t be here forever.
Still bored, do something productive, learn something new.
Always expand and never stop for anything or anyone.

Obstacles in your life, no matter how hard push back.
Are things difficult for you and you see your existence as a burden and your depressed or suffer with mental health.

Always remember there are people out there worse off than you.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure they always say.

See life isn’t that difficult.
Think of what you want and work your ass off to get it.
Don’t you dare be lazy and then complain you ain’t got what you want.

Don’t dwell on the past, the past doesn’t define your future.
Anytime I get in a bad situation, I now see it as a blessing and lesson.
I think what led me to this situation and make sure I don’t let it happen again.

Another thing don’t follow the sheep.
Please it isn’t good, don’t do what others do to fit in. If people don’t like you for who you are, you don’t want those people in your life.

With time you’ll understand, no matter how bad things get. They can change, homeless, suicidal, depressed, addicts have lived through hell.

All of a sudden they become successful why ?. Because they had enough of torment and didn’t stop working until they achieved.

Wake up early every morning cocksuckers.
I started waking up early as fuck, because it’s more hours In the day.

Those hours may not seem like much now, but go to someone on their death bed and ask them if a few hours a day are important.

Nothing is stopping you, it’s you.
Don’t give fucking excuses, that shit is weakness. If there is a reason you can’t be happy then fix it.

Do what you want, don’t let people tell you it’s ridiculous. Other people’s opinions don’t fucking matter, it’s that simple.

Damn look at me for example.

Best friend is dead, grandfather my true idol is dead. My favourite cousin is dead, my brother and sister put me in jail and called me a rapist because they wanted to ruin my life.

I’ve been homeless, lived in a refuge.
My mother left me, I raised my siblings like a parent when I was eight years old.
My father beat me like a dog and locked me In a room and starved me.

I was bullied and until I knocked the motherfuckers out.
I’ve been cheated, hurt, lied too.
Had my childhood taken from me.
Mother left me, father put me through hell.

I’ve gone days without food, or sleep.
I’ve been on bail and was kept away from my daughter for false accusations, until I found proof I was set up.

I suffered countless more things, started self harming and taking drugs.

I’ve seen people die, in front of my eyes.
I’ve been through countless more shit.

One night I went to a field after doing cocaine, I was drinking whiskey in the rain, I was a mess and had nothing to live for.

I put my sharp knife to my wrist, I became angry and In that anger I found rage.

In that rage and pain, I found power.
I threw the knife away, screamed to the sky.

" Fuck you motherfuckers, I’m staying alive, I’m in control, I make my own destiny, me no one else ".

I raised my drink to the sky, and took a shot for the universe.
I stood my ground, when I was weak, I made myself strong.

Things can change, you are the fulcrum of all that happens to you.
You are the source for your troubles and suffering.

My wisdom in life is don’t give up.
Live life to the fullest, get rid of who and what you must, no matter what.
Don’t waste time.

Just keep going, no matter what, learn, change and adapt.

Live life to express, not impress.