The mudra of the sun of lucifer - meditation that was showed to during yoga

While meditating on the lotus position do this mudra

put it front of you like its your window above you,watch it
See a glowing sun
Inhale that light source
Inhale it deeply feel your pineal gland getting detoxing and oxygenated say

“eeschma ‘kal’ eeschma kal’mantza serpentis”

Holy shit I was meditating and doing yoga and lucifer showed this to me I did and I am feeling very open and healthy and very spiritual that I made connection with the spirits worlds

The benefits :
Better spiritual and physic senses
Clearer mind and emotions
No confusion and fogginess
Better mentality
Health due oxygenation
And many more


I even feel calmer and happier


This mudra is known as the Triangle of Manifestation. It is not specific to Lucifer.

It is used to draw down energy. I first learned it from the book “Modern Sex Magick” by Donald Michael Craig, where it is used to draw down the moon to charge an object.


This sign/mudra “Triangle of manifestation” is also used in Crowley liber resh vel helios(4 solar adoration) to be done at noon, it represents the fire element.
Also in Donald Michael Kraig book modern magick it is used to project a pentagram for psychic self defense.
Also celebrities use this sign for… I don’t know maybe for fun


I honestly didn’t really knew knew about that that mudra, it just came to me but the meditation is potent