The most powerful beings that exist


Does anyone here have experience in working with Jinn and Djinn ?

I want to learn to work with them but they’re 100% different by other spirits and that is why I need someone who has experience with them to help me learn to work with them so if there’s anyone here who does have experiences or can answer my questions please let me know and share your experiences and informations

S. Ben Qayin has a book on it Called “The Book of Smokeless Fire” on Amazon. I would link it but I dont know if that is against the rules. I have no experience with it though. Maybe ask him?


Does it have kindle version too ?

These spirits are complex in nature, they are beings that supposedly have different tribes and races of Djinn / Jinn.

Races like the ifrit, Marid, Ghoul, Sila, Vetala and many more.

There are many ways to contact these beings, but do and i repeat, DO NOT USE ISLAMIC THREATS.


Good information thank you so much @C.Kendall

Does S. Ben Qayin methods use Islam threats? I havent read it just curious.


I haven’t seen his works.

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S Ben’s book uses sigils most Arabic grimoires do not and would call on the spirit during the spell, magick squares are used as well. If you’re able to call spirits using a name without needing a sigil then this will be easier for you.
Also S Bens book is good for baneful, specifically killing.
No use if you want something else.

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