The most insidious curse E.A.'s newsletter

So I was wondering about the most insidious curse that E.A. was talking about in the newsletter today. Since this curse has the most power that I’ve heard of yet is there an equally powerful protection spell that could be used to stop the spell or if the caster wanted to could they stop it themselves. I was just wondering since to me it seems to me that there should be some kind of balance of power.

Balance of power comes from using it with discretion. You can’t call back a bullet fired from a gun why should you be allowed to call off a curse. Some curses can’t be called off once applied, cursing isn’t something you do lightly and there isn’t always an easy out if it starts getting scary.

I don’t know if it’s nessecerily the most powerful, he said it is the most insidious. Those words have two different meanings. Would be interesting to see what sort of defences work against that sort of curse. I’m fairly confident I have some things in place that could stop it, if someone chose to use it against me. Would be interesting to test some stuff out for sure, but who would ever want to be a guinea pig in that sort of experiment?

I’ve seen variations of this type of curse before. The only defense I can think of would be to know who put the curse on you and then work a curse against them that gets worse the longer/harder they work against you. Their only defense is to stop working on you so that their torment stops. It becomes a battle of wills and skills at that point. I read a blog where a magician used the Hell Hounds to torment an attacker until they ceased their attack or died which ever came first.

I agree Defectron, I certainly won’t be raising my hand to play “Bet you can’t curse me!”